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Trove Review – An Endless Adventure in a Voxel Sandbox World

Trove Review – An Endless Adventure in a Voxel Sandbox World

Trove Review





  • Vast Exploration: Endless procedurally generated worlds create a new adventure each time.
  • Class Flexibility: Ability to switch between numerous unique classes adds depth.
  • Community Engagement: Multiplayer and cooperative modes promote teamwork and creativity.
  • Rich Crafting System: Crafting and customization provide an additional layer of engagement.
  • Accessible Graphics: The charming voxel graphics are visually appealing without being demanding.

Trove is a unique blend of sandbox action and MMORPG that allows players to explore, construct, and battle within randomly generated voxel worlds. The game fosters creativity and teamwork, offering a diverse experience through various classes, crafting systems, and player-driven content.


Trove offers an open-ended experience, allowing players to explore different worlds, change their appearance, and even build customized structures. Each world in Trove interacts with others, creating an interconnected universe.

Players can choose from numerous classes, such as Knight, Shooter, Ice Sage, Dracolyte pirate, and more. Abilities range from ninja techniques to quirky skills like creating dangerous crushed ice cream. Players can switch between these classes during gameplay, providing variety and flexibility.

Trove includes detailed mechanics for crafting and customizing objects, allowing players to upgrade equipment, add killer looks, and create unique items that can be utilized by other players in different worlds.

The game features an extensive variety of monsters, bosses, deep dungeons, and randomly generated locations. While the game lacks PvP, the PvE content offers valuable rewards and thrilling adventures.

An essential aspect of Trove is building and personalizing an individual base called a Cornerstone. Players can disassemble, move, and redecorate their Cornerstone, making it a dynamic part of their gameplay experience.

Players can team up, explore together, and even create private worlds with friends. The cooperative game mode enhances the game’s community spirit, letting friends build, gather resources, and develop settlements.


The voxel graphics, inspired by Minecraft, lend a charming and visually engaging look to the game. The simple yet attractive design makes the exploration and construction even more enjoyable.


Trove’s combination of sandbox exploration, MMORPG elements, and engaging graphics offers a refreshing and immersive gameplay experience. The game promotes creativity, collaboration, and offers endless content through its procedurally generated worlds.

Trove System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 3000 or better
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2XXX @ 2.0GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 @ 2.6GHz
  • File Size: 1 GB
  • OS: Windows Vista 32-bit Service Pack 2