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Path of Exile 2 Review – Continuing the Legacy of Wraeclast

Path of Exile 2 Review – Continuing the Legacy of Wraeclast

Path of Exile 2 Review





  • Rich New Campaign: An engaging seven-act storyline that complements the original.
  • Expanded Class Options: 19 new specializations add depth to character development.
  • Revamped Equipment System: Extensive redesign of weapons, armor, and crafting.
  • Improved Visual and Sound Design: A leap in aesthetics and audio experience.
  • Integration with Original Game: Seamless transition of progress and purchases.

Path of Exile 2 is an eagerly awaited continuation of the globally acclaimed action RPG, Path of Exile. Set two decades after Kitava’s demise, the game introduces a new seven-act campaign, alongside a plethora of improvements, ranging from new Ascension classes to advanced mechanics.

  • Developer: Grinding Gear Games
    Publisher: Grinding Gear Games
    Release Date: 2024
    Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
    Official website:
    Genre: Action RPG


The story unfolds 20 years after the original, introducing a fresh plot that is more straightforward but engaging. The seven-act campaign complements the original story, both converging at the same endgame.

With 19 new specializations, players can choose from new Ascension classes that are distinct from the original, but still align with classic archetypes. The redesigned skill system allows players to insert support gems directly into skill gems, easing character creation without losing complexity.

A comprehensive overhaul of weapons, armor, and equipment is evident in PoE 2. Players can superimpose multiple Auras and enjoy a redesigned crafting system that offers new items and smooth mechanics, enabling skill changes even during animations.

The visual component sees substantial improvements, including updated character models, animations, and new creature designs. The soundtrack exhibits a blend of folk, industrial, and tribal sounds, shifting away from traditional symphony orchestras.

Players will face new monsters and bosses across Wraeclast, engaging in intense battles. The combat mechanics are enriched, resembling actions from the latest content packs, with new features that maintain the intensity and challenge.

The sequel ensures continuity by integrating microtransactions, player progress, and extensions from the original game. This means achievements and purchases from the first part can be carried over to the sequel.


Path of Exile 2 appears to be an ambitious step forward, not merely capitalizing on the success of the original but striving to enhance the player experience significantly. With richer visuals, engaging gameplay, and comprehensive improvements, the sequel seems poised to cater to both veterans and newcomers alike.