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Terraria Night Vision Helmet vs Mining Helmet

Terraria Night Vision Helmet vs Mining Helmet

In Terraria, there are a considerable number of accessories that give various positive effects to the character, as well as facilitate gameplay. Among them, some improve the visibility of the environment, as well as illuminate the immediate area. These include Night Vision Helmet and Mining Helmet. In this article, you can familiarize yourself with their main parameters and characteristics, positive and negative qualities, as well as the advantages and disadvantages in relation to each other.

Night vision helmet in Terraria

The Night Vision Helmet is one of the trinkets in Terraria, introduced in Update 1.3. This is an armour worn in a helmet slot, which has an additional effect together with protection.

The same effect can be obtained by using the Night Vision Potion. However, unlike this consumable, the illumination from the helmet will remain until it is removed.

In addition to a defence stat of 4, the Night Vision Helmet, when equipped, increases light sources’ strength in the player’s field of view.

There are several ways to get the Night Vision Helmet. It mainly drops from Granite Elementals and Granite Golems. The chance of such a drop is 3.3%. Besides, the helmet can be purchased from Cyborg for five gold coins. However, for this accessory to appear on sale at the NPC, you must complete the Martian Madness event at least once.

Mining Helmet in Terraria

The Mining Helmet is one of the pieces of armour that is irreplaceable in caves.

However, it should be borne in mind that the radius of the illumination it creates is less than that from torches. Also, when using it, it is worth remembering that you need to put it in the armour slot for it to work. This can negatively affect the bonus characteristics if the player was previously equipped with a complete set of certain armour. Mining Helmet is not suitable as a defence since its value is 1. It is one of the three elements of the Mining Armor set, which, when equipped, gives a + 30% bonus to digging speed.

There are two ways to get Mining Helmet in Terraria. First, it drops with an Undead Miner with a 2.4% chance. Also, it can always be purchased from the Merchant for four gold coins.

Night Vision Helmet vs Mining Helmet in Terraria

Having understood the main characteristics of Night Vision Helmet and Mining Helmet, we can compare them with each other and highlight each other’s main advantages and disadvantages. First of all, the functional difference should be noted, despite the seeming similarity of these two helmets. While the Night Vision Helmet enhances existing nearby light sources, the Mining Helmet creates lighting close to the player. It is also worth noting the Night Vision Helmet’s clear advantage in armour – 4 for it versus 1 for Mining Helmet. It is worth noting that none of these accessories should be considered armour for protection. These are situational things that should be used under the right circumstances.

Even though Night Vision Helmet has a higher drop rate – 3.3%, and Mining Helmet has a 2.4% drop rate, the first is harder to get. First of all, this is justified by the complexity of the search and further farming of the necessary mobs by the victory’s problematic nature.
Interesting is that in Terraria, it is possible to combine Night Vision Helmet and Mining Helmet.

Summing up, it should be understood that the functionality of each of them is different. Please do not pay attention to their characteristics because these armour pieces are used primarily for their bonus effects. The player himself must understand which of these effects is preferable for him. It is best to acquire both of these to create an Ultrabright Helmet and use two buffs at once.