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Stardew Valley Fisher vs Trapper

Stardew Valley Fisher vs Trapper

What is the fishing skill guide on Stardew Valley?

Fishing is one of the primary skills used in Stardew Valley. The level of this ability determines which fish you can catch, their quality, and how easy it is to catch your catch. As with the other skills, at levels 5 and 10, you can choose a specialization to develop this profession further.

How do I fish in Stardew Valley?

If you want to catch a fish in Stardew Valley, you will have to obtain a fishing rod first. The basic version of this tool will be given to you by Willie, the fisherman, but you will have to improve it further on your own. You will be able to use different bait types, from the usual worms to unique resource that doubles the amount of fish you get and additional improvements that affect the catch. For example, you can install a magnetic reel to make it easier to catch fish. Most upgrades can be crafted yourself, and recipes for crafting are unlocked as the profession progresses.

To cast the rod, face the pond and hold down the left mouse button. Release it to cast the rod. As your skill increases, you’ll be able to throw the rod farther from the shore. You can also guide the float with the arrow keys or the WASD keys until it falls into the water. The distance from the float to the shore determines which fish you catch.

When a fish bites, you’ll hear a particular sound, and an exclamation mark appears above your character. Click the left mouse button to start the minigame. If you don’t do it in time, the fish will snap. After that, your task will be to keep the fish in the green area.

Where do I fish in Stardew Valley?

There are plenty of fishing spots in Stardew Valley. The fishing zones list includes all locations from the Cindersap Forest to the Desert and even different levels of the Mines. Depending on the area, you will be able to catch different types of fish.

First of all, you will be able to catch fish on your farm. There are not many expensive fish types on the standard farm, but you’ll still catch some fish. The second nice place is the river in Pelican Town. The river is quite huge, and there are plenty of beautiful places where you will be able to watch the ordinary life of the town, interact with the bypassing villagers, and catch valuable types of fish. You can even try to fish at the fountain to catch something unusual. There are also two excellent spots for Fishing: the Beach and the Mountain lake. Check out all these places to gather all types of fish and complete the bundles in the Community Center.

What is a Fisher skill in Stardew Valley?

At the fifth level, you get the opportunity to choose one of the primary professions. One of the available options is the Fisher skill, which gives a +25% bonus to the price of fish. In the initial stages of the game, this will add 10-30 gold to the proceeds from each fish sold. For example, the basic price of the regular quality anchovy will improve from 30 to 37 gold, the price of the salmon will grow from 75 to 93, and the most expensive fish, Lava Eel, will cost 875 gold with the basic price of 700.

What is a Trapper skill in Stardew Valley?

Another profession available at level 5 of Fishing is Trapper. This skill is aimed at those players who prefer to set traps and not participate in the resource extraction process personally. Crab pots allow you to place special tools with bait, where sea creatures will be collected. All the player has to do is collect the gathered fish from the filled pots in time, fill them with bait and process the received resources.

What is the crab pot in Stardew Valley?

A crab pot is a special piece of equipment that allows catching sea and river creatures. To catch something in a crab trap, you need to place it on the shore of any body of water (river, lake, pond or ocean) and then fill it with bait. The next day, go back and pick up the catch and fill the trap with bait. Fish caught in the traps count for achievement and fishing skill development, so you can use crab pots to develop the profession passively. This item’s basic craft recipe requires 40 wood and 3 iron bars; you can also buy it from Willy’s for 1500 gold.

What can I catch with the crab pot in Stardew Valley?

Depending on the location where you choose to set the crab pot, you will be able to catch different fish. If you put this tool into the freshwater, you’ll get Crayfish, Snail, or Periwinkle. The crab pot placed on the ocean will provide you with Lobster, Crab, Shrimp, Clam, Cockle, Oyster, and Mussel. Pots placed in other fishing zones will only catch different junk.

You can sell the seafood or use randomly caught trash for recycling. Initially, you won’t have the ability to recycle trash. However, at Fishing level 3 you’ll learn the recipe for the Recycling Machine, which allows you to obtain valuable resources from the captured junk. You can get recycled quartz from broken points and CDs, and other items can be used to get essential resources like wood or charcoal.

Which skill is more profitable?

Like most other skills in the game, Fishing professions are relatively balanced in terms of income. All fishing skills in Stardew Valley will be profitable, but you need to decide your approach to the game to choose any of them.

There are two ways to develop your fishing skills in Stardew Valley. First, if you’re not a big fan of hand fishing and don’t intend to make a fortune catching and selling the most expensive fish, you should consider the Trapper path. It allows you to develop the skills you need to passively work with Crab Pots: choosing it will enable you to use fewer resources when crafting. With further development, you can select one of the special skills – crab pots will either no longer catch trash or will stop needing bait.

Trapper path is an excellent choice for players who only want to spend 5-10 minutes collecting fish caught overnight and get on with their farming chores. These types of fish cost not so much as regular fish, but you can set dozens of traps across the town and quickly check on them daily, which will help make a lot of money on the number of resources you get. Most of the crab pot fish cost around 50-100 gold, but it’s much easier to get a high amount of them due to the low maintenance cost of the pots.

Another way of development is to pick the traditional way of Fishing and choose the Fisher skills, which increase the price of fish. It’s much harder and more time-consuming to catch much fish, but they cost a lot. With well-developed fishing skill and sufficient fishing skills, you can get 200-300 gold for the average fish. If you are a hardcore player and love to perfect your skills, you will be able to catch the rarest fish of the highest quality — for example, an iridium quality Lava Eel will cost 2100 gold with an Angler profession. In addition, if you decide to develop this path, it will be much easier to perform in-game tasks. By level 10, you will already have the most advanced tools and will be ready to catch all the legendary fish. It is also possible to diversify the fisherman’s gameplay and choose a unique specialization, but this option will be described in the Pirate skill section.

What are the development options for the Fisher?

If you chose the Fisher profession at level 5, at level 10 you could choose between the Angler (Fish worth 50% more) and the Pirate (Chance to find treasure doubled). If you want to skip all information about these professions, here’s the summary: pick the Angler if Fishing is the primary source of gold, and select the Pirate if you’re looking for some expensive treasures and excitement of gambling.

What is an Angler skill in Stardew Valley?

At the tenth level of Fishing, you will have to pick one of the secondary professions. One of the best options for this path is the Angler skill, which gives a +50% bonus to the price of fish. Since this skill will be unlocked only at the late stages of the game, you will most likely already be able to catch rare fish of the iridium quality. This skill will seriously increase your income without making any effort: for example, the cost of the iridium Stonefish will be 900, Pufferfish and Catfish 600, Octopus 450, and so on. The most expensive regular fish, Lava Eel, may cost 2100 at the high levels. There are also legendary fish that can be caught once in the game, but they are really expensive: if you manage to catch regular Crimsonfish, it will cost 2250. There are also many more valuable legendary fish types, but you will have to find them in the game by yourself.

What is the Pirate skill in Stardew Valley?

One of the unique fishing skills in Stardew Valley is the Pirate. This ability is related not to fish but to the expensive treasures which can be caught during Fishing. The Pirate profession doubles your chances to find this treasure; this means that your chance to find the treasure will be 30% or 40% with the Treasure Hunter tackle.

The Pirate may seem quite a strange option at first, but it is definitely worth a shot. If you enjoy fishing and want to try your luck on the artefacts and expensive goods, you’ll like to spend time opening the treasure chests. However, you will need a lot of luck and patience because not all players are lucky enough to find rare and valuable artifacts easily.

What are the development options for the Trapper?

At level 10 of Fishing you can choose between two skills: Mariner (Crab pots no longer produce junk) and Luremaster (Crab pots no longer require bait). It’s not the hardest choice, but there are several aspects to it. First, if you want to maximize profits from your crab pots, you should look at Mariner. Even recycled trash isn’t worth much, so if you care about maximizing your income, a good choice is to get rid of the trash.

However, if you really don’t like spending time maintaining the crab pots, you may be interested in the Luremaster ability. With this skill, you will no longer need to replenish the bait after you harvest the fish from the pots. This skill dramatically reduces the time consumed to maintain your crab pot farm, and you won’t have to worry about the bait anymore.

How to develop the Fishing skill faster?

Fishing skill increases each time you catch a fish (regardless of the catch, because trash, seaweed, green algae, and white algae count the same) with any tool. Garbage, seaweed, and all types of algae caught with a fishing pole earn 3 XP each, and crab pots make 5 XP each time you collect from them, no matter what your catch is. It’s also possible to gain XP fast if you complete fish pond quests or harvest the produced resources.

What does the fishing skill level in Stardew Valley give?

Each fishing skill level provides +1 Fishing Rod Proficiency increases the minimum fish size and height of the bobber bar and reduces the maximum amount of time before the fish gets off the hook. There are also plenty of craft recipes provided by the fishing skill. First of all, at level 3 and 9, you will learn two unique food recipes, Dish O’ The Sea and Seafoam Pudding. It temporarily provides +3 and +4 Fishing, which allows it to catch more high-quality fish. At other levels, you’ll receive plenty of bonuses for Fishing — there are different types of bait, spinner, trap bobber, treasure hunter, worm bin, and magnet.