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Terraria Uzi vs Megashark

Terraria Uzi vs Megashark

These weapons have such sprites (Megashark on the left and Uzi on the right).

In Terraria, there is a vast number of ranged weapons, including firearms. Among them, there are both rifles made from prototypes of real guns and fictional ones. These include Uzi and Megashark, which will be discussed in this article.

Here you can familiarize yourself with their main characteristics, parameters and the advantages and disadvantages concerning each other.

Uzi Weapon in Terraria

Uzi is one of the types of firearms, which is an accurate model of a submachine gun reproduced in Terraria with the same shooting mechanics. The Uzi is one of only eleven guns in the game based on a real weapon.

The damage from one shot on a standard Uzi is 30. At the same time, the weapon has a 4% chance to inflict critical damage on hit.

You can get Uzi in Terraria only as a drop from Angry Trapper with a probability of 1/100. In the 1.2 update, the Uzi was the rarest item in the game, with a 1/80000 (0.00125%) drop chance. However, this drop rate was drastically increased in the patch shortly afterwards.

A regular Uzi’s cost is seven gold coins, and the rarity level is indicated by a lime colour. The best modifier of the appropriate category for a given weapon type is Unreal.

This weapon has one of the highest rates of attack speed due to high-velocity firing bullets.

Megashark in Terraria

Megashark is one of the firearms in Terraria, introduced in version 1.1. This type of automatic rifle becomes available to the player in Hardmode. To use it, you need a special consumable – bullets. It is a more robust version of the Minishark and is one of the most vital pre-Plantera guns in the game. Outwardly, the rifle resembles a shark with a barrel in place of its head.

According to the parameters, the Megashark is one of the weapons with the highest attack speed in the game (Use time is 7). The main feature of the rifle is a 50% chance not to consume ammo. The bonus effect can also stack with other items (for example, Shroomite armour’s or Ammo Box’s), which reduce ammo consumption and reach up to a 78% chance of not spending ammo. Plus, you can always wear the Endless Musket Pouch, so you don’t waste bullets at all.

Megashark can only be obtained by crafting. As a place of creation, you need to acquire Mythril Anvil or Orichalcum Anvil. Then, you need to get the ingredients: Minishark, Illegal Gun Parts, 5 Shark Fins and 20 Souls of Might. The first two ingredients can be purchased from the Arms Dealer, the third is obtained from sharks, and The Destroyer drops the fourth.

The cost of the rifle is seven gold coins, and the rarity level is indicated in pink.

Also, the weapon has a knockback value of 1 and a 4% chance to inflict critical damage.

The best modifier from the relevant category for this rifle is Unreal.

Compared to the Gatligator and the Uzi, the Megashark is the gun with the highest accuracy, lowest use time, and easiest to obtain.

Megashark deals 25 damage per hit, which, coupled with attack speed, creates an impressive DPS.

Uzi vs Megashark in Terraria

Having learned the main parameters and characteristics of these two types of firearms, we can proceed to compare them with each other.

First of all, it should be noted the difference in obtaining weapons. Uzi can only be accepted as a drop after killing Angry Trapper with a 1% chance. The rare spawn of this mob and a shallow drop rate make the Uzi a weapon that is incredibly difficult to obtain. While Megashark can be crafted, and the extraction of crafting materials is more simplified. Also, The Uzi is obtainable before defeating any Hardmode bosses, while the Megashark requires The Destroyer to be defeated first.

The Uzi fires powerful high-velocity bullets, and the attack rate reaches a record value of 9. However, at the same time, this weapon has a small spread, which makes it difficult to hit enemies at long distances. Simultaneously, Megashark is slightly inferior in firing speed, but it has no bullet spread. The difference in damage, although insignificant (30 for a hit with an Uzi versus 25 for a hit with a Megashark), but in the realities of a rapid-fire weapon, this difference significantly affects the overall DPS.

Megashark beats Uzi due to a 50% chance not to spend a bullet when fired. This property significantly saves ammunition. On the other hand, the Uzi consumes a lot more ammo due to high-speed bullets and the lack of a bonus in the form of a chance to save ammunition when fired.

Despite the seemingly significant differences and apparent advantages of the Uzi, players prefer to opt for the Megashark. This weapon is easier to mine and also saves ammo. Despite the difference in damage of 5 and a low fire rate compared to the Uzi, it is nevertheless more accurate. The difference in DPS is not justified by the cost of using the Uzi, nor the effort that would be expended on obtaining this submachine gun. However, if the player is lucky and managed to get the Uzi, and he cannot decide in favour of what to make a choice, it is worth starting from whether he can supply the Uzi with the necessary number of bullets. This problem will disappear, and the choice can finally be made favouring Uzi if the player has the Endless Musket Pouch accessory.

It should be taken into account that the Uzi reforging is less resource-intensive than the Megashark reforging. Besides, The Uzi has a 172.232% higher base knockback / second than the Megashark.