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Terraria Meowmere vs Star Wrath

Terraria Meowmere vs Star Wrath

In Terraria, there is a huge variety of different types of weapons, including magic. Among them are two swords Star Wrath and Meowmere.

In this article, you can familiarize yourself with the basic properties and parameters of these weapons, as well as their advantages and disadvantages in relation to each other.

Star Wrath in Terraria

Star Wrath is one of the strongest and rarest swords in Terraria. The developers added it into the game in update 1.3. One of the main features of this sword is the way to obtain it: the Star Wrath can only be dropped after defeating the Moon Lord. The drop rate is relatively low – 11.11%, the rarity is indicated in cyan.

This sword can only be obtained in the hard-modded world; for the non-hard-modded version, there is a weaker alternative named Starfury. When selling Star Wrath, the player receives 20 gold coins.

This sword works like other swords in Terraria, but it has its peculiarity. Each stroke of Star Wrath sends three shooting stars to the cursor area, dealing piercing damage.

Each of the stars deals double the damage of the sword itself. Shooting stars are also useful for their ability to pass through a height of 10 blocks. This allows you to both illuminate caves and kill opponents through obstacles. This feature is also helpful for opening the map in unexplored areas. The speed of falling stars directly depends on the ratio of the melee speed.

Unmodified Star Wrath damage is 110 per sword strike, as well as 220 per star. Since three stars double the sword’s damage, it is essential to hit enemies with projectiles, not just the sword. The DPS of one sword is about 400-500, and the addition of stars (for one target) can bring it to about 1200 HP. On multiple targets, the DPS can exceed 2500, making it one of the strongest swords in the game and one of the best for mass destruction of enemies. It is also worth taking into account the standard knockback with an indicator of 6.5 and the attack speed with a hand of 16. Considering the possibility of an auto-attack with a clamped LMB, it will be possible to deal with ordinary mobs and even bosses very quickly.

All weapon category modifiers are available for this sword. The best modifier is Legendary.

Meowmere in Terraria

The Meowmere is the third most powerful sword in Terraria and was the most powerful before update 1.4. This sword works like regular swords but has a feature similar to the Star wrath feature. With a swing, Meowmere shoots cat heads, leaving a rainbow trail behind them. Projectiles have gravity and bounce four times off surfaces, dealing piercing damage to enemies and disappearing after five bounces.

This sword drops from the Moon Lord with a probability of 11.11%. As for rarity, Meowmere belongs to the category “red” – the rarest type of items. A sword can have all weapon category modifiers, the best of which is legendary.

According to its characteristics, Star wrath has a strong knockback of 6.5 units and an attack speed of 16. Also, it has a 4% chance of dealing critical damage. In the shop, this sword can be sold for 20 gold coins.
The projectiles fired from the sword are a reference to the famous meme Nyan Cat. They emit a feline meow and also leave behind a rainbow, which is a purely visual element. Each kitten deals extra damage within 200 units, in contrast to a sword strike with the mechanics of increasing damage from 200 to 244 HP. When the projectile hits the surface, small explosions occur, as well as the acceleration of the projectile itself.

Meowmere vs Star wrath in Terraria

Knowing everything we need to know about Meowmere and Star wrath, we can compare them with each other. First of all, it should be noted their production. Both of these swords can be obtained only after defeating the Moon Lord; other methods, such as crafting or buying, are impossible.

In terms of statistics, swords have similar stats without considering their projectiles. Both Meowmere and Star wrath have an 11.11% chance of dropping, have 6.5 Knockback, 16 Use time and 4% Critical Rate. Besides, each of them can be sold for 20 gold coins. Weapon modifiers are available for both swords. Also, for each of them, “Legendary” is the best modifier.

Compared to the Star Wrath, the Meowmere has much higher base damage, but the Star Wrath’s projectiles have a higher DPS than the Meowmere’s, and they can pass through ceilings. This makes the Star Wrath better for a hybrid ranged play style, where the projectiles are the primary damage dealer with the sword itself serving as more of a contingency weapon, and the opposite is true for the Meowmere.
It is much more difficult and less effective to fight with Meowmere cats since they act as an additional DD. In this case, the player will have to get used to the sword longer, and the attacks themselves will be effective only against single targets.

On the other hand, with such a speed of casting of shells, as well as their quantity and damage, Star Wrath boasts the ability to clean up enemies massively. The difference in aiming projectiles also plays a role. If Star Wrath allows you to conduct a pointed attack depending on the cursor’s position, then Meowmere must aim and select the correct angle for an accurate hit. It is worth noting the difference in the speed of the projectiles. If the rate of shooting stars directly depends on the attack speed of Star Wrath, then the speed of cats is only related to the number of bounces they make (the more bounces, the faster they are)

Thus, we can say that Star wrath will be the preferred swords for the player, even though the damage from the Meowmere sword itself is much more significant. The above arguments undoubtedly prove the superiority of Star wrath over Meowmere, but in the end, it will still depend on the player, his skills, luck and specific goals.