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Artisan vs Agriculturist in Stardew Valley

Artisan vs Agriculturist in Stardew Valley

Farming in Stardew Valley is a basic skill. It is developed as you plant, grow and harvest your farm. You can also develop farming by taking care of the farm animals living on your farm. It is one of the main sources of income used in processing the resources obtained from livestock. It also provides most of the ingredients for cooking.

The Agriculturist skill offers a mere 10 percent acceleration of crop cultivation, which is noticeably inferior to any bonuses provided by other skills. It’s one of the least profitable skills in the game, and you should consider picking it only if you’re not going to work with animals.

If you want to make money working with animals and processing products from them, choose the profession of Artisan. It will help you make the most profit from the grown crops and raised animals: however, you will have to spend a lot of time processing all the resources.

Artisan goods are created with various crafting equipment, mostly from resources obtained from animals. They take anywhere from a few hours to several in-game days to process. Note that syrups (maple syrup, oak resin and pine resin) are not included in the crafting profession. However, they are marked as “Artisan Goods” in the game.

Artisan goods are items that can be created from resources using special tools. Processing them requires a certain amount of in-game time. Most Crafted Goods also do not have a star quality, which makes it easier to calculate the earnings you get when processing your resources. If you chose the Artisan Profession at level 10, you should explore all available resource recycling options. Remember that although wood syrups are marked as “Artisan Goods,” they are not artisanal products.

Bee House is a production machine that allows you to produce unique types of honey. If you put it near the blooming flowers (in a range of 5 tiles), you will be able to get the honey within several days. It’s possible to make honey using all types of flowers, including tulip, blue jazz, sunflower, summer sprangle, poppy, and fairy rose.

Cask is a type of artisan item which allows to age artisan goods and get products of different quality. Casks process the resources only if they’re placed in the cellar, which means you will have to upgrade the farmhouse first. It’s one of the slowest methods of the resource procession, but it’s low-maintenance and easy to track. Several types of goods can be aged using the Cask: Cheese (Milk or Large Milk) and Goat Cheese (Goat Milk or Large Goat Milk). It’s also possible to age beverages like Wine, Pale Ale, Beer, and Mead; these items are produced with other types of artisan machines. The most valuable production options are Starfruit and Ancient Fruit Wine, which cost with an Artisan profession will be 6300 and 4620 gold at the iridium quality. The other most profitable resources are Goat Cheese (1120 gold) and Pale Ale (840) at Iridium Quality.

Cheese Press allows turning all types of milk into cheese. Regular milk can be turned into regular quality cheese; large milk turns into gold quality cheese. With an Artisan profession, regular types of cheese will cost around 322-482 gold, while goat cheese price will increase to 560-840 gold.

The Keg is a type of equipment that allows players to produce different beverages using fruits, vegetables and other ingredients which can be harvested on the farm. Using the Kegs, you can produce the Wine (requires fruits), Pale Ale (hops), Beer (Wheat), Mead (Honey), Coffee (Coffee Beans), Green Tea (Tea Leaves), Juice (any vegetables). The most profitable resources with the highest base prices are Wine and Juice. The best way to gain profit with the Kegs is to make Starfruit Wine: the base price with an Artisan Profession will be 3,150 gold.

Loom turns wool into cloth. If you place quality cloth into the Loom, you have a higher chance to receive 2 Cloth.

Mayonnaise Machine turns eggs into various kinds of Mayonnaise. It’s possible to use Eggs, Large Eggs, Ostrich Eggs, and Golden Eggs to make Mayonnaise of different quality levels. With an Artisan profession, it’s quality will be increased to 266-532 gold. Duck Mayonnaise can be made out of Duck Eggs; it will cost 525 gold. There are also two unique types of resources in Stardew Valley, the Void Eggs and the Dinosaur Eggs, which also can be used in Mayonnaise. If you’ve picked the Artisan Profession, the Void Mayonnaise price will be 385 gold, and Dinosaur Mayonnaise is 1120 gold. However, before you use Dinosaur Egg in any recipe or give it away to the museum, make sure to put one into the incubator in your coop — after 12 days, one little Dinosaur will hatch from it.

Oil Maker is artisan equipment that turns different resources into the oil. There are two options in the game: first, there is Truffle Oil made out of Truffles. With an Artisan profession, it’s cost will be 1,491 gold. There is also regular oil, which can be produced out of Corn, Sunflower Seeds, and Sunflower. However, it doesn’t benefit from the artisan profession.

Preserves Jar is a type of equipment that can be used to produce fruits, vegetables, and roe. Jellies and pickles will cost (2*base resource price+50)+40%. With an Artisan profession, the processed roe’s selling price will be (2*basic roe price)*1.4. If you use the Sturgeon roe, you will receive the Caviar, which can be sold for 700 gold.