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Jelly vs Wine in Stardew Valley

Jelly vs Wine in Stardew Valley

There are several primary ways to make artisan goods from raw crops in Stardew Valley. There are two types of artisan equipment: the preserves jars and the kegs. The first one is used to make pickles and jellies; the second one is used to make wine and juices. The main discussion about preserves jars and kegs in Stardew Valley is that there are many different kinds of crops, fruits, and other resources that can be used to produce the goods. There are several approaches to artisan goods, all of which are equally valid and profitable; however, they all suit different players. Some players will choose to earn fast gold, while others enjoy long and slow production process. Based on your gameplay style, available resources, and skill in the game, you can choose the best approach for you. In this guide, we’ll answer the main questions players have about Jelly vs Wine in Stardew Valley.

How to make wine and juice in Stardew Valley?

Wine is a type of artisan goods produced in a keg using any fruit. The selling price of the finished wine depends on the fruit used (3* base fruit price). Wine can also be aged in casks to achieve silver, gold, or iridium quality, which sells for twice the price of regular wine.

A keg is a piece of artisan equipment in Stardew Valley created to produce artisan goods. The keg can be placed on a farm or in buildings, including a Warehouse or Barn.

One keg can be obtained as a reward for completing an Artisan Bundle; in addition, upon reaching level 8 of the Farming skill, you will receive a recipe for crafting this equipment, which you can use to produce kegs yourself.

The wine is aged in casks much longer than other products. It takes two seasons to get an iridium quality wine out of a regular wine; regular, silver and gold quality wine can be taken out of the cask at any time by interacting with the barrel.

How to make pickles and jam in Stardew Valley?

A Preserves jar is a type of artisan equipment in Stardew Valley used for making jam and pickles. One preserves jar can be obtained as a reward for completing the Quality Crops Bundle; the rest of the jars can be crafted by receiving the recipe when you reach level 4 of the Farming skill. You can place a Preserves jar on the farm as well as inside of the buildings, including a Warehouse or Barn.

The selling price of ready canned food depends on the used vegetable (50 gold+2*vegetable’s base price). The quality of the vegetable does not affect the finished preserved goods quality.

In addition, you can make different types of aged roe in the Preserves jar. Aged fish roe in Stardew Valley is a kind of artisan goods produced in a jar using any fish’s roe (except for the sturgeon because it makes Caviar).

Which is better to use at the beginning of the game, jars or kegs?

Since the recipe for making Preserves Jar will be open already at level 4 of the farm and beginners players are limited in resources, try to start your artisan path with pickles production. It will be quick and easy to do, and if that method doesn’t work for you, you won’t lose a lot of resources — the cost of producing jars is quickly recouped.

Is it worth crafting preserves jars, or it’s better to fill my farm up with kegs instead?

Depending on what stage of the game you are at and what types of crops you prefer to grow, you will have different options. If you’re a beginner, start with a small number of preserves jars: they are available in the early levels and require only wood, stone, and charcoal to produce.

If you are an advanced player and have a fruit plantation suitable for processing into wine, produce kegs. However, you will need a lot of copper and iron ingots and oak resin, so start preparing resources starting from the game’s early stages.

Is there any reason to make jams and pickles aside from the community center quest?

There are definitely solid reasons to make jams and pickles in Stardew Valley. In addition, most residents like these products a lot, so they will make an excellent cheap gift for many characters. Also, they may be requested in Fish Pond quests by Catfish, Rainbow Trout, Spook Fish, Super Cucumber, or Sturgeon.

Is it better to grow cheap or expensive crops in Stardew Valley?

Depending on the development method you choose, the answer will vary.

Jams and preserves made from cheap crops are more expensive than wines and juices made from the same crops, so it’s better to use preserves jars for them. If you want to grow expensive products, use a keg.

Does the quality of the ingredients affect the cost of the product?

The quality of the product does not affect the cost of the product you produce, so it is better to use regular quality products. The higher the product’s basic quality, the lower will be the profit from the creation of artisan goods. Try to use regular quality resources first or the lowest quality products – better quality ingredients are better saved and used for quests, events or gifts.

How to increase profits from the artisan goods production in Stardew Valley?

If you want to increase your earnings from fruit and vegetable processing, develop your farming skills. Regardless of which method you choose, your income will increase significantly with the Rancher and Artisan professions. This skill tree provides +10% for the crops price and +40% for the artisan goods price; if you want to make fast gold in Stardew Valley, consider developing these skills.

The best way to make money with kegs is to make starfruit and ancient fruit wine. These products grow long enough for you to produce a new supply of the necessary ingredients quicker than the artisan equipment on your farm will finish processing the previous harvest.

What is better for profit — wine or jelly?

Mathematically it will be more profitable to make pickles from many products, but this plan will only work if the production time of new materials is faster than their recycling. If you process long-growing fruits and vegetables, you will have to make a large supply in advance, which will likely negate this method’s effectiveness. If it takes longer for your resources to mature than it takes to recycle, your preserves jar will sit idle unused.

What is better to use in the preserves jar — fruits or vegetables?

There are several exceptions, but the main rule is to turn vegetables into pickles and make wine out of fruits. If you want to gain money on vegetables quickly, you can grow Wheat and Hops for the Kegs and grow the vegetables to process them in the Preserves Jar. The longer it takes to grow crops, the more likely it will be more profitable to make wine or juice from it. For example, red cabbage and pumpkins in Stardew Valley are much more profitable to be processed into the juice.