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Terraria Drill vs Pickaxe

Terraria Drill vs Pickaxe

A significant part of the gameplay in Terraria is devoted to the extraction of resources. As mines’ excavation with the construction of structures, this process is not complete without the necessary tools. This article will consider two types of such devices, namely a pickaxe and a drill, and compare them with each other.

Pickaxe in Terraria

One of the very first tools in Terraria that the player has to use is the pickaxe. It is issued in the copper tools’ starting kit when the character first appears in the world. The pick is used to extract earth, stone, ore, wood, and other hard blocks. It can also be used to break decorative elements. Its alternative is Tin Pickaxe – it all depends on what kind of initial ore appeared in the world.

In terms of parameters, these picks are the worst in the game and are only needed to mine the next ore level. They have a slow mining speed, 35% power and a swing speed of 20-22, respectively. Each of the pre-hard mod picks from classic ore, including the initial ones, requires ten units of the corresponding ore to craft and four wood.

At the moment, the game has two possible world generations in which one of the two variants of standard Terraria ores will spawn. Below are their paired comparisons:

  • Copper Pickaxe — Tin Pickaxe
  • Iron Pickaxe — Lead Pickaxe
  • Silver Pickaxe — Tungsten Pickaxe
  • Gold Pickaxe — Platinum Pickaxe
  • Nightmare Pickaxe — Deathbringer Pickaxe

According to this principle, other picks are correlated at the following levels of the world.

It’s better if you get the version of the world with Crimson since picks from its ores are several per cent better in terms of parameters than their counterparts with the version of the world with The Corruption.

Each pickaxe has its specific parameters, such as mining distance, speed, power, damage, rarity and price. These parameters vary depending on the complexity of the craft and the modifications imposed on the pickaxe. Besides, some picks have unique effects.

When crafting tools, accessories, or weapons in Terraria, a random modification is almost always applied to the finished item, and pickaxes are no exception. Any weapon, tool or accessory can have both positive and negative additional effects. These effects can be directly on items found or crafted by the player, or a goblin engineer can add them.

Drill in Terraria

A drill is a type of tool in Terraria designed to extract stone, ore and other blocks. By the principle of action, drills are similar to picks.

Drill crafting is available in the later stage of Terraria, as crafting one of the weakest drills requires mid-play ore. However, the price of crafting drills and picks is identical at this stage. This is a big plus, as Terraria provides a choice and does not induce the player to opt for a less expensive tool.

Extraction is carried out directed and at a short distance. Their power corresponds to the power of pickaxes from the same ore. Each drill in Terraria has its power, speed, mining speed, distance, and damage in terms of parameters. Some also have a knockback parameter.

For drills, only universal modifications are available, among which Godly, Demonic and Superior are considered the best.

The title of the most powerful mining tool also belongs to the drill, in this case, the Laser drill.

Terraria Drill vs Pickaxe
In addition to 230% power, it also has a considerable mining range – 14 blocks, which can be increased with appropriate accessories.

Drill vs Pickaxe in Terraria

Comparing these two types of tools, it is worth noting that their purpose is identical. Both of these types are intended for the extraction of stone, ore and other blocks. However, pickaxes have the ability to collect furnishings, unlike drills.

Drills and pickaxes have the same power, but the drill digs faster, but at a shorter distance, and the pickaxes dig slower, but at an average distance. The advantage of pickaxes here is that they dig ores faster, and the drill has a speed advantage when mining stone and earth blocks.

Drills work the same way as pickaxes but use different animation and sound effects.

The drill, being a unidirectional tool with a low knockback, cannot boast of such an opportunity. However, due to the short animation, they can be mined faster than with a pickaxe by quickly clicking on the blocks with the drill.

Unlike drills, a significant part of pickaxes will be available for crafting already at the game’s initial stages, which cannot be said about drills.

The animation of the swing of the pickaxe, as well as a large knockback, allows you to defend against various monsters, as well as to beat off some bullets.

Since update 1.4. both versions of the instruments have their space versions. However, there are no significant differences between their work.

Summing up, it should be said that there are no strong arguments in favour of preference for one type of instrument or another. In this case, the player is free to choose whether it is more convenient for him to play with a drill or a pickaxe.