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Terraria Jetpack vs Wings

Terraria Jetpack vs Wings

Terraria has a variety of accessories to make it easier to get around the world. These include all kinds of wings and unique accessories, such as the Hoverboard, Celestial Starboard or Jetpack. In this article, we will try to understand the differences between Wings and Jetpacks and compare them.

Wings in Terraria

First of all, you should understand what the wings are since Jetpack partially belongs to this category. Wings in Terraria are a different type of accessory that allows you to fly and soar slowly. These items greatly simplify the movement around the world. Also, they are essential when you need to get out of a deep cave or find flying islands.

In terms of their effects, Wings combine the hover given by the Potion of Feather and the protection from falling damage provided by the Lucky Horseshoe.

Terraria Jetpack vs Wings
There are 36 types of Wings in Terraria, including Sparkling Wings, available only in the mobile and console versions of the game. Each of them has its maximum take-off level and a percentage increase in level flight speed.

Some wings, such as Mothron’s Wings or Betsy’s Wings, drop from certain mobs with some probability, while others need to be crafted. Crafting is performed on the Mithril or Orichalcum Anvil, as well as on the Ancient Manipulator. It’s necessary to acquire a unique resource to create each of the wing types. However, making each one requires 20 Soul of Flight. The exception is the four types of wings created from resources obtained after the fall of each of the Four Celestial Towers.

Jetpack in Terraria

A distinctive feature of this accessory is increasing the take-off speed by pressing the “up” button simultaneously with the “jump” key.
The maximum achievable height when using the Jetpack without other accessories is 121 feet. Its horizontal speed bonus reaches 117%. It has a pink rarity and what makes it unique is that it cannot be crafted. The Jetpack can only be purchased for 40 gold coins from the ferryman between the new moon and the full moon.

Wings vs Jetpack in Terraria

Even though the Jetpack is listed as one of the Wings, it has significant differences. The first thing to note is the texture.

Despite its seemingly impressive maximum flight altitude, it is only ahead of Chick Wings, Deciduous Wings, Ice Wings, Fairy Wings, Harpy Wings, Angel Wings, Demon Wings, Sparkling Wings, and Fin Wings. Except for these Wings, Jetpack is inferior to the other 26 species.

Getting the Jetpack is also non-standard for most Wings since it cannot be crafted and can only be purchased and only under certain conditions.
What makes the Jetpack unique is the possibility of boosting the take-off speed when pressing a specific key combination. This possibility persists even when Jetpack is wearing a social slot, while other Wings are equipped on the primary slot. This feature is not available for the regular Wings in Terraria.

Summing up, we can conclude that the Jetpack, having all the above advantages, is a good and functional accessory in the pre-hardmode mid-game. The ease of obtaining it and the average characteristics of the Jetpack, and the unique acceleration feature make you pay attention to it. If you have 20 souls of flight, you should not spend them on wings worse than Jetpack (listed above). Instead, it would be best if you tried to get rare materials from mobs and spend the same 20 souls of flight on wings that will be better than Jetpack, for example, Butterfly Wings.