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Shed vs Barn in Stardew Valley

Shed vs Barn in Stardew Valley

One of the features of late-game development in Stardew Valley is the need to produce artisan goods from essential resources obtained from animals and farming. One of the features of processing is that you need to place tools somewhere on your farm. To avoid taking up the space available for beds or other buildings, you can place kegs or preserves jars inside of the Shed or Barn in Stardew Valley.

Shed in Stardew Valley

The Shed is one of the basic types of buildings you can order to build from Robin. You can also expand it into a larger shed in the carpentry shop. The Deluxe Shed’s total cost is 35,000g, Wood (850), and Stone (300). If you buy all necessary resources from the Carpenter’s Shop, the Shed will cost 49500 in year 1 and 107 500 in all subsequent years.

The Shed looks like a small empty inside farmhouse; it can also be decorated inside with furniture, wallpaper, and flooring. It is 7×3 with an 11×9 interior, about the same size as the player’s starting farm; the Big Barn, on the other hand, is 17×12, giving twice as much extra space to arrange various items. The optimal layout of the unrenovated Barn provides 67 free paces, while the improved one offers 137. Barns are not the only farm buildings that can be used exclusively for storage.

Barn in Stardew Valley

A barn is a building that houses animals and can be purchased and upgraded from Robin in the carpentry shop. This construction will take three days to build and two days to upgrade.

The Barn contains cows, goats, sheep, pigs and ostriches. Once you have unlocked an animal by building the Barn needed to house it, that animal can also be placed in any other unmodernized barn you have created.

The total cost of a luxury barn built from scratch is 43,000 gold, Wood (1,350), Stone (650). If you choose to buy all resources from Robin, the Barn will cost 69,500 in year 1 and 175,500 in all subsequent years. The Barn provides 90 spaces, and the Deluxe Barn offers 136 tiles.

Shed vs Barn in Stardew Valley

To summarize, we need to compare all the main features of those constructions. You will probably find it more profitable to use the Shed as storage: first, it is much smaller than the animal building, and second, it is much cheaper to build and fully improve than the Barn, even if you buy all the necessary resources from Robin. However, if you don’t need much space, you can use the Barn in Stardew Valley as an extra space for some kegs and preserves jars.