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League of Angels 2 Review – Dive Deeper into the Celestial Realm

League of Angels 2 Review – Dive Deeper into the Celestial Realm

League of Angels 2





  • Enhanced graphics and detailed designs.
  • Expansive PvE and PvP options.
  • Companion system allowing customization and progression.
  • Engaging mini-games and events to break the monotony.


  • Pay-to-win structure.

League of Angels 2, the anticipated sequel to GTArcade’s popular MMORPG, brings with it a plethora of improvements and expanded features, but also introduces more monetization, drawing a line between players willing to invest and those who prefer free gameplay. Let’s embark on this angelic journey.

  • Developer: Youzu Interactive
  • Publisher: GTarcade
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Platforms: Browser-based
  • Official website:
  • Genre: MMORPG


League of Angels 2 offers a vibrant fantasy world that draws players in with its captivating graphics and deep game mechanics. Upon entry, players are given the choice of personalizing their main hero, from naming to gender selection.

Diverse hero types ranging from Rare to Mythic, offer strategic depth in terms of gameplay. As you progress, the heroes are divided across three factions, each with their distinct strengths: the damage-focused Tempest Kingdom, the supportive Celestial Kingdom, and the balanced Midas Kingdom.

A notable change from its predecessor is the leveling up of angels, now parallel to player characters. The companion system is more versatile, allowing equipment upgrades, training, and behavioral changes. Minion cards, another addition, provide buffs and level enhancements when collected and upgraded.

Venturing into PvE, players are offered a myriad of regions to explore, battles to conquer, and missions to complete. Minigames like Angel Blocks and Nether Realms offer variety and valuable rewards. For those with a competitive edge, the Eternal War offers a cross-server PvP experience, though being a member of the Legion is advisable.

Guilds facilitate a communal gaming experience. The cross-server nature means no barriers in teaming up, and events like the Guild Mission foster teamwork and camaraderie.


League of Angels 2 refines and expands upon its predecessor’s successes. Its diverse gameplay mechanics, improved visuals, and an intricate combat system make it appealing for casual gamers. However, the stronger pay-to-win element may deter some from fully diving into its angelic world.