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League of Angels 3 Review – A Look at the Latest Angellic Adventure

League of Angels 3 Review – A Look at the Latest Angellic Adventure

League of Angels 3





  • In-depth character customization and progression.
  • 3D graphics
  • Dozens of unique companions
  • Various PvE and PvP events
  • Independent storyline welcoming new players.


  • Pay-to-win elements

“League of Angels 3”, the latest in the lineup of the renowned LoA series, is a testament to the progress browser-based RPGs have made over the years. Building on its predecessors’ success, LoA 3 carves its own identity with enriched game mechanics, stunning visuals, and a more comprehensive exploration of its fantasy world.

  • Developer: F5 Game Company Limited
  • Publisher: F5 Game Company Limited
  • Release Date: 2019
  • Platforms: Browser-based
  • Official website:
  • Genre: Turn-based RPG


League of Angels 3, while continuing the legacy of its predecessors, ensures that newcomers aren’t left behind. The lore, while rooted in the previous titles, is standalone, allowing fresh players to dive in without prior knowledge.

The visual shift from simple isometric designs to intricate 3D models is evident and striking. These enhanced graphics, paired with cinematic cutscenes, raise the bar for browser-based games, though they also demand a more potent computing setup.

Character customization, always a hallmark of RPGs, remains detailed and expansive. The in-game shop offers additional personalization options, though this could lead some players towards in-app purchases.

Despite the rich graphics and expansive lore, LoA 3’s core remains its gameplay. Players indulge in the familiar grind, hustling through PvE and PvP challenges, engaging in social events, and rapidly leveling up through main quests. The game’s storyline, while fascinating, often takes a backseat, acting more as a decorative backdrop.

The two-pronged combat system, PvE and PvP, remains engaging, with the Angels, your trusted companions, aiding in battle. The strategy is key; players can form teams with tanks, support, and more, utilizing the various characters they’ve collected.

Innovation doesn’t stop there; the game introduces a variety of events and challenges, ranging from Chess Hero and Guild Wars to exploring the eerie Mystic Domain and challenging the daunting World Boss.


League of Angels 3 solidifies its place in the browser-based RPG genre with its enhanced graphics, varied gameplay, and rich content. While it beckons both newcomers and series enthusiasts, its shift towards heavy graphics might not resonate with everyone. It’s a journey worth taking, but with some considerations.