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Dragon Awaken Review – A Bland Browser Adventure

Dragon Awaken Review – A Bland Browser Adventure

Dragon Awaken





  • A flexible class system that allows for varied character builds.
  • The Squad system introduces added strategy.
  • Diverse dungeon campaigns catering to different playstyles.
  • Daily quests, regular events, tournaments, and mini-games

In the vast world of MMORPGs, “Dragon Awaken” attempts to carve a unique niche. This browser-based game beckons players to a land filled with dragons, elves, and diverse mystical beings. But how does it fare when stacked against a plethora of similar titles? Let’s delve in.

  • Developer: Game Hollywood
  • Publisher: Global Genom Corporate
  • Release Date: January 3, 2017
  • Platforms: Browser-based
  • Official website:
  • Genre: Fantasy MMORPG


Set against a backdrop of a fractured world where dragons once coexisted peacefully with other beings, “Dragon Awaken” tasks players with a monumental quest. Starting with an introductory battle against a massive dragon, players get acquainted with the game’s mechanics. One notable feature is the absence of stringent class systems, which theoretically allows for greater character customization.

The Squad system in “Dragon Awaken” is another key gameplay element. Players can assemble squads consisting of various heroes, with each member contributing distinct abilities to the battles. The addition of tamed dragons and pets brings another layer to squad dynamics.


Graphically, “Dragon Awaken” holds its ground as a browser-based game. With detailed character designs and vibrant landscapes, it offers a visually engaging experience, though some might feel that its graphics don’t match up to some standalone MMORPGs.


“Dragon Awaken” offers a blend of classic MMORPG elements with some innovative tweaks, such as the flexible class system. While its graphics and narrative might attract many, it’s essential to consider the limitations and potentials of a browser-based platform. Ultimately, the game might resonate with those seeking a casual MMORPG experience with a touch of novelty.