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Unlimited Ninja Review – Embark on a Journey in the World of Naruto

Unlimited Ninja Review – Embark on a Journey in the World of Naruto

Unlimited Ninja





  • Authentic representation of the Naruto universe, pleasing die-hard fans.
  • A diverse roster of characters, from villains to goddesses.
  • Automatic gameplay features.
  • Classes and their respective techniques add variety to gameplay.


  • The auto-battle system can make combat feel less engaging.

A game that promises to whisk players away to the vibrant world of the Naruto universe, Unlimited Ninja, offers fans a chance to interact, combat, and team up with their beloved characters from the anime. But how does it truly stand in terms of gameplay, graphics, and authenticity to its source material?

  • Developer: Unlimited Ninja
  • Publisher: JoyFun Co.
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Platforms: Web Browser
  • Genre: MMORPG


Unlimited Ninja, as an MMORPG, positions players right in the midst of the Naruto universe. It feels genuine with the inclusion of the original anime’s heroes, a plethora of quests that resonate with the series, and several social features that amplify the immersive experience.

Players find themselves in charge of assembling a potent team of ninjas, each with their unique skills, originating from various lands and hidden villages. The roster includes iconic villains, Kages from different eras, and even revered goddesses, providing an expansive choice.

A standout gameplay feature is the ‘Ninja Bond.’ It enables players to leverage the relationships between characters for improved combat efficiency. For instance, grouping Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura enhances their attack rate through the ‘Team 7’ bond, a nod to series enthusiasts.

However, the auto-battle mechanism might come off as slightly passive, as the battle outcomes often feel pre-determined based on the equipment and balance of the teams. This system places significant importance on ninja selection, their battle ratings, and the application of various in-game techniques and bonuses.

The formation strategy is crucial. Players need to meticulously organize their team, ensuring the right buffs are applied and picking the primary skill to optimize combat efficiency. Testing different squad combinations is vital as, surprisingly, some mid-tier ninjas can outperform higher-tier ones when paired correctly.

Social elements are deeply integrated, encouraging collaboration among players. Early on, players must align with a clan, whether it’s Uchiha, Uzumaki, or Senju. While there’s no statistical difference among these clans, it determines the guilds one can join. This encourages in-game balance by promoting players to opt for less populated clans, rewarding them with special beginner gifts.

Character Classes:
Upon starting, players select from three gender-locked classes, each associated with a distinct technique.

  • Genjutsu: This class focuses on illusions and mental control.
  • Ninjutsu: Harnessing inner energy, it can be likened to a superpower.
  • Taijutsu: Closest to traditional martial arts, it emphasizes physical prowess.

Each technique consumes its resource: Chakra for Genjutsu, Force for Ninjutsu, and Power for Taijutsu, making resource management a crucial gameplay element.


Unlimited Ninja encapsulates the Naruto universe, offering fans an opportunity to deeply engage with their favorite characters. While its auto-battle system may be polarizing, its strategic depth and social features ensure a fulfilling experience.