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Dragon Ball Z Online Review – A Strategic Journey Through Saiyan Battles and Android Defenses

Dragon Ball Z Online Review – A Strategic Journey Through Saiyan Battles and Android Defenses

Dragon Ball Z Online





  • Authentic representation of the Dragon Ball universe.
  • Strategic squad formation and gameplay depth.
  • Auto-play combat functions.

Dragon Ball Z Online transports you into the heart of the Dragon Ball universe, immersing players in an MMORPG experience where they can interact and team up with iconic characters from the anime. Let’s take a detailed look at its gameplay, graphics, and overall features.

  • Developer: AnimeGame Inc Co.Limited
  • Publisher: AnimeGame Inc Co.Limited
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Platforms: Web Browser
  • Genre: 2D MMORPG


Dragon Ball Z Online, set within the celebrated Dragon Ball universe, excels at recreating the ambiance and storylines we all love. Players will encounter and recruit well-known characters like Yamcha, Master Roshi, and even the mighty Broly.

A highlight of the gameplay is its squad-based mechanism where the main character, along with the recruited heroes, participate in auto-battles. Though this can feel slightly passive, it certainly emphasizes strategy in pre-battle preparations like gear selection and squad formation. As the fights play out automatically, players witness the cinematic unfolding of battles, sometimes with additional characters jumping into the fray.

The PvE content is deeply rooted in the series’ storyline. Starting at Novice Village, players venture on quests, each guiding them to various locations, enemies, and collectibles. This linear progression immerses players into the narrative, gradually uncovering the storyline.

Grinding is a significant component, with players consistently working towards optimizing their equipment and enhancing their squad’s overall strength. The game’s environment is rich with NPCs that not only provide depth to the game world but also interlink closely with the anime, offering tasks reminiscent of their behavior in the series.

Each recruit brings a unique set of skills to the table, be it offensive, defensive, or supportive. Thus, squad formation becomes a game of strategy, considering the best combination of abilities and strengths.

Player-versus-player dynamics are quite competitive. The arena mode offers players a chance to compete against peers, with victories boosting their rank. This ranking system, coupled with worldwide leaderboards, adds a layer of challenge, pushing players to optimize their gameplay strategies.

While Dragon Ball Z Online’s auto-battle system provides an easy entry point for casual gamers, its PvP component is grueling, with only the most dedicated achieving the highest ranks and rewards.

Character Classes:
Dragon Ball Z Online offers a character creation system where players can pick from three distinct classes and two genders. A touch of personalization is added with basic customization options like hairstyles and facial features.

The classes include:

  • Majin: Emphasizing energy and spiritual attacks, this class is for those who enjoy a mystic combat style.
  • Saiyan: Renowned for their physical prowess, Saiyans dominate with melee attacks, ideal for those who love an up-close battle.
  • Android: The defensive stalwarts of the game, focusing on counterattacks and ensuring the team’s safety.

Dragon Ball Z Online offers a nostalgic trip to the universe of Dragon Ball. With its deep immersion into the anime’s lore, coupled with strategic gameplay elements, it presents hardcore fans an opportunity to relive the epic tales of Saiyans, Androids, and Majins.