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Unleashing Dragonbane: Scandinavia’s RPG Titan Goes Global

Unleashing Dragonbane: Scandinavia’s RPG Titan Goes Global

Free League Publishing made waves today, introducing the world to Dragonbane, a re-envisioned edition of Scandinavia’s seminal tabletop RPG, Drakar och Demoner.

This reinvention of a classic fantasy RPG has already cast a spell on enthusiasts. Notably, Dragonbane clinched a spot as one of EN World’s most anticipated RPGs for 2023. Its allure was palpable at this year’s Gen Con, where eager gamers cleared out both demo sessions and early-release copies in no time.

For those itching to dive into this fantasy realm, the Dragonbane core set is now accessible both on the Free League’s official portal and at international retailers. To enrich the gaming experience, a myriad of extras accompany the core set, including a tangible quickstart guide, tailored dice set, and a GM shield. Digital aficionados can also fetch the PDF edition from DriveThruRPG, while the Dragonbane Quickstart PDF is generously offered for free on both platforms.

Expanding the universe of Dragonbane, Free League encourages independent creators to craft and distribute their bespoke supplements for the game through a third-party license.

Dragonbane has been fine-tuned to offer seamless and dynamic gameplay. Its adventures are intuitive, needing minimal setup, paving the way for spontaneous and immersive sessions. This blend of lightheartedness and formidable challenges is what Free League terms “mirth and mayhem roleplaying,” apt for both episodic and one-off gameplay.

Within the core set, players are treated to:

  • An intuitive rulebook rooted in D20-based gameplay mechanics.
  • An adventure anthology containing eleven diverse quests that can culminate in the monumental Secret of the Dragon Emperor saga.
  • A unique booklet, Alone in Deepfall Breach, catering to solo adventurers.
  • An intricately detailed map of the Misty Vale.
  • Thematic cards amplifying the gaming experience.
  • A set of ten shimmering polyhedral dice, highlighted by two custom D20s.
  • Ready-to-use characters, blank templates, vibrant cardboard standees, and a versatile battle map.

The release of Dragonbane underscores the enduring “Swedish wave” in the global RPG scene. Ever since its inception in the 1980s, Sweden’s tabletop roleplaying community has flourished, with Drakar och Demoner pioneering the movement. This game, which debuted in 1982, retains its crown as Scandinavia’s most iconic RPG. Initially modeled after Chaosium’s Magic World, it swiftly carved out its niche, evolving across various editions. Today, Free League is ambitiously charting new waters, presenting Dragonbane to a worldwide audience.