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Torchlight: Infinite Announces “The City of Aeterna” Expansion for September 8

Torchlight: Infinite Announces “The City of Aeterna” Expansion for September 8

XD Games, based in Shanghai, recently announced the upcoming expansion for their globally successful game, Torchlight: Infinite. Named “The City of Aeterna,” this major update is scheduled for release on September 8th.

Currently boasting a user base of 3 million globally across PC and mobile platforms, the game has been frequently updated. Each update not only refines its role-playing mechanics but also introduces fresh content with new seasons.

The latest expansion, “The City of Aeterna,” is expected to carry on this tradition. According to legends, the City of Aeterna was an eternally prosperous city located on Leptis. However, one day it vanished, engulfed by a mysterious fog, leaving behind only ruins and decayed trees. Many hunters have been lured over the years by tales of untold wealth and ancient powers concealed within the city. The update’s narrative challenges players to rediscover this city, seek its treasures, and possibly rekindle its extinguished flame. But the journey is perilous, and the city’s treasures are well-guarded.

For those eager for a sneak peek, XD Games has released a teaser trailer providing an initial look into the atmospheric world of “The City of Aeterna.” Additionally, the company has scheduled a preview livestream for August 26th at 12 pm PDT, available on both YouTube and Twitch. This session promises to offer more details about the expansion and what players can expect.