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Sword Art Online’s Legend Review – An Unofficial Visit to Aincrad

Sword Art Online’s Legend Review – An Unofficial Visit to Aincrad

Sword Art Online's Legend





  • Rich episodic storyline adding depth to gameplay.
  • Diverse character classes ensuring varied gameplay experiences.
  • Based on Sword Art Online novel series

Sword Art Online’s Legend, inspired by the highly acclaimed light novel and anime series “Sword Art Online,” offers gamers a unique browser-based MMORPG experience. While it might not have the official blessings, the game attempts to pay homage by taking players on a virtual journey reminiscent of the series’ core themes.

  • Developer: GameSprite
  • Publisher: GameSprite
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Platforms: Web Browser
  • Genre: MMORPG


While the game doesn’t have official endorsement, resulting in altered names for characters and locales, it doesn’t falter in trying to craft an episodic storyline reminiscent of the original series. The player’s chosen character assumes a central role in this vast VR landscape, guided primarily by interactive tabs that serve as a breadcrumb trail for the uninitiated.

One groundbreaking feature of SAO’s Legend is its pioneering auto-battling system. A godsend for newcomers, it lets players understand game mechanics without the hassle of manual combat. While your characters don’t possess innate self-healing, you hold the reins when it comes to their survival rate. This auto-battle mechanic is customizable, granting players control over gameplay depth and resource utilization. A bonus? You can engage in other tasks while the game progresses in the background.

Interestingly, the PvE experience tends to overshadow PvP until the player reaches level 50. This structure ensures that the player has ample time to navigate and understand the expansive world. With rapid leveling, any hiatus is brief.

A quintessential feature of MMORPGs, social connectivity, isn’t overlooked. With standard amenities like guilds and chat systems, players can join one of three guilds. These affiliations open doors to exclusive events and perks, enhancing the game’s community aspect. Loyalty and contribution to your guild unlock bonuses and access to an exclusive shop.

Character progression is gauged by the Battle Rating, which can be augmented using various items, ranging from wings to mounts. While wings not only elevate your aesthetics but also your Battle Power, mounts streamline navigation across the game’s universe. Not just for transport, these mounts can later morph into combat-ready pets.

Companions, ranging from the fiery Dragon Master to the supportive Berserker Healer, can be added to bolster your squad. However, the most potent of these allies come at a real-world price. Reaching level 50 offers another intriguing feature: in-game marriage, which adds intimacy points to boost your Battle Rating.

Inventory management is intuitive. With 12 gear types to amass, the game offers inventory expansion with each level up. If storage becomes an issue, there’s always the option of warehouses or even mailboxes. Regular events, exclusive items, and daily log-in bonuses keep players engaged. However, while the game offers a VIP system granting exclusive perks, it leans heavily into a “pay to win” model.

Sword Art Online’s Legend Classes:
Four primary characters beckon players:

  1. Swordsman: Renowned for their unmatched power, their high Battle Rating and DPS make them a force in PvP scenarios.
  2. Ranger: Initially formidable, the Ranger’s ability to target up to five mobs simultaneously makes them invaluable. Their close-range bow attacks inflict significant damage.
  3. Priest: Excelling in PvE, especially post level 50, Priests can unleash maximum damage to numerous mobs.
  4. Knight: Symbolizing resilience, Knights boast impressive defense. Their DPS might be average, but their ability to engage multiple enemies simultaneously compensates.


While Sword Art Online’s Legend may not have the official imprimatur, it earnestly tries to capture the spirit of its inspiration. Offering a blend of innovative mechanics and familiar MMORPG elements.