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Hunter x Hunter Online Review – Enter the Dynamic World of Gon and Friends

Hunter x Hunter Online Review – Enter the Dynamic World of Gon and Friends

Hunter x Hunter Online





  • Faithful to the original manga and anime, offering a nostalgic experience.
  • PvE and PvP modes offer a variety of challenges and engagement.
  • Many side activities.

Inspired by the well-loved manga and anime series, “Hunter x Hunter,” UniGame presents “Hunter x Hunter Online,” an MMORPG that promises both fans and newcomers an in-depth, interactive adventure. Step into the realm of Hunters and Nen powers and engage with familiar faces and new challenges.

  • Developer: UniGame Inc Co.Limited
  • Publisher: UniGame Inc Co.Limited
  • Release Date: 2017
  • Platforms: Web Browser
  • Genre: MMORPG


From the get-go, Hunter x Hunter Online captivates players with its immersive 3D graphics that authentically capture the vibrancy of the anime series. It masterfully intertwines canonical episodes with fresh narratives, allowing players to relive iconic moments and carve out new paths of their own.

The game begins with a character customization phase where players choose their avatar’s gender and appearance. Following a succinct tutorial against the Foxbear, players are propelled into Gon’s adventurous world, encountering classic characters and forming teams to take on powerful foes. Unlike typical MMORPGs, there’s no class selection. Instead, players curate their squad by recruiting characters from the Hunter x Hunter universe. This team-building mechanic offers strategic depth, prompting players to tailor their lineup based on enemy vulnerabilities.

To further personalize one’s hero, various accessories like masks, belts, and shields can be equipped. These not only augment the character aesthetically but also provide substantive boosts, optimizing your combat efficacy. As you progress, refining your armor at level 30 becomes crucial, as does collecting crystals to bolster your main hero’s stats and improve the star ratings of your teammates.

Hunter x Hunter Online extends players a commendable degree of autonomy, evident in its PvE and PvP modes. A particularly notable feature is its AFK mode, a convenient auto-battling system that automates combat, letting players multitask or simply accelerate battles.

The PvE component consists of rigorous missions yielding gear and power-ups. Beyond that, players can opt to engage with formidable world bosses or delve into guild dungeons. The rewards, especially from world bosses, justify the challenge. The game also offers an academy, a training ground to hone your characters’ skills.

However, where Hunter x Hunter Online truly shines is its PvP mode, segmented into several categories. Traditional PvP pits players against each other, with higher rankings bestowing exclusive rewards and access to special items in the arena store. Meanwhile, the World Battleground allows for spontaneous challenges, though limited to five attempts daily. The Sky Arena offers a unique twist, tasking players to face AI-controlled teams across varying difficulty tiers, making for a stiff challenge.

Microtransactions exist in the form of a cash shop, with two primary currencies: one earned in-game and the other requiring real-world money. Notably, players can achieve most objectives using in-game currency, though a VIP membership does unlock additional conveniences.

Hunter x Hunter Online beautifully translates the charm of its source material into an MMORPG format. With engaging mechanics, strategic depth, and a faithful representation of the Hunter x Hunter world, it makes an enjoyable casual MMO for fans of the series.