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Magic Legends Review – A Dive into Dominaria’s Short-lived Odyssey

Magic Legends Review – A Dive into Dominaria’s Short-lived Odyssey

Magic Legends Review





  • Unique blend of card game strategy with MMORPG elements.
  • Rich multiverse with varied environments and challenges.
  • Flexible combat system allowing for diverse playstyles.
  • Engaging faction-based interactions offering myriad gameplay choices.


  • The unpredictable spell draw mechanism could sometimes hinder strategic planning.
  • Some areas felt underdeveloped, lacking depth in storyline and mechanics.

Embarking on a journey within the sprawling multiverse of Dominaria, Magic: Legends aimed to bridge the gap between trading card enthusiasts and MMORPG devotees. Developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment Inc., this game drew inspiration from the immensely popular card game, Magic: The Gathering. But did it manage to weave the strategic depth of its card game counterpart with the immersion of an MMORPG?

  • Developer: Cryptic Studios
  • Publisher: Beijing Perfect World
  • Release Date: 2020
  • Platforms: PC (Consoles releases were planned but cancelled)
  • Genre: Action MMORPG


Magic: Legends transported players to Dominaria, an intricate multiverse comprising of various unique planes. Two standout examples are Shiv, a perilous volcanic island replete with indigenous tribes and fire-breathing dragons, and Benalia, a church-governed metropolis teetering on the brink of chaos due to the warring Benalish and the menacing Cabal fanatics.

Players assume the role of Planeswalkers, entities awakened by dire circumstances to discover their latent magical abilities. These abilities are epitomized through two core mechanics: Spells and Class Abilities.

Drawing directly from its trading card game lineage, Spells in Magic: Legends are evocative of the card abilities players wield in Magic: The Gathering. Players curate a deck of twelve spells but commence battle with a random selection of four. As spells are expended, new ones are drawn, adding an unpredictable tactical layer to combat.

Complementing Spells are Class Abilities. Tied directly to a player’s chosen class, these abilities, devoid of any mana costs, introduce a strategic rhythm to the gameplay, balanced by cooldown timers. Both Spells and Class Abilities intertwine, permitting players to formulate their unique combat style.

In their quest for dominance, players amass Spell Shards, crucial for enhancing their spells. These can be obtained through quest completions or as loot drops. The game’s extensive inventory system encapsulates a wide array of items, from crafting essentials and consumables to cards and gear.

Interactions with various factions peppered across Dominaria added depth, offering avenues for alliances, rivalries, and unique rewards. Whether aligning with or combating against these factions, players had a plethora of choices influencing their gameplay.

The game’s graphics, while not groundbreaking, adequately captured the essence of the Magic universe. The diverse planes were visually distinct, ensuring a sense of novelty as players traversed from one area to the next.

Community and Closure

Despite its promising premise, Magic: Legends witnessed a turbulent journey, concluding with its announced shutdown in late 2021. The closure underscored the challenges of capturing the magic of a beloved franchise in a different medium. Nonetheless, during its tenure, the game cultivated a fervent community comprising both novices and Magic aficionados.


Magic: Legends ventured to merge the strategic allure of a card game with the expansive realm of MMORPGs. While it showcased moments of brilliance with its innovative combat mechanics and diverse world-building, the game’s trajectory was marred by executional challenges. Its closure serves as a poignant reminder of the volatile nature of the gaming industry.