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Crimson Desert Review – An Epic Odyssey in the World of Black Desert Online

Crimson Desert Review – An Epic Odyssey in the World of Black Desert Online

Crimson Desert





  • Deep and engaging storyline set in a vast open world.
  • Exceptional graphics with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Expansive character customization options.

Crimson Desert is an upcoming RPG developed by Pearl Abyss set in the same world as the MMO Black Desert Online.


Crimson Desert serves up a rich single-player campaign complemented by a cooperative mode. Players embark on the enthralling journey of Macduff, a mercenary thrust into a web of intrigue and adventure. The story gradually paves the way for a sprawling open world teeming with player-versus-player battles, intricate dungeons, menacing bosses, and so much more.

Set in the same world as Black Desert Online, which encompasses distinct regions, Crimson Desert narrates the epic tale of a fierce war between mercenaries and monarchy leaders. Players have the chance to lead their troops, collaborate with allies, and engage in grandiose battles.

The combat system feels fluid and agile, making it both exhilarating and rewarding. With accessible controls, players can seamlessly shift between attacking, blocking, and dodging. The diverse roster of enemies demands varied combat strategies, ensuring that battles never feel monotonous.

PvP enthusiasts have plenty to dive into, from spontaneous open-world encounters to structured modes like Team Battles. Meanwhile, large-scale PvP events like sieges bring together vast armies for intense, strategy-driven conflicts.


Visually, Crimson Desert is a masterpiece. Pearl Abyss’s meticulousness shines through in the game’s aesthetics. From intricately designed character models to stunning landscapes and imposing monsters, the game captivates with its attention to detail. Even on lower settings, Crimson Desert boasts an optimized experience, running smoothly across various devices.


One of Crimson Desert’s most celebrated features is its expansive character creator. With nearly limitless customization options, players can craft truly unique avatars. The Beauty Album is an innovative addition, allowing players to share and adopt creations from the community.