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9th Dawn II Review – Rekindling the Old-School Flame

9th Dawn II Review – Rekindling the Old-School Flame

9th Dawn II





  • Expansive and detailed open-world offering limitless exploration.
  • Engrossing and varied dungeon crawl mechanics.
  • Flexible skill-based character development system.
  • Broad array of enemies with well-implemented AI.
  • Nostalgic old-school RPG feel with modern gameplay elements.


  • May be too challenging for casual gamers due to its hardcore nature.
  • The game's old-school aesthetic might not appeal to everyone.

Evoking the nostalgia of early RPG classics, ‘9th Dawn II’ presents a compelling blend of open-world exploration, intense combat, and immersive storytelling. Developed and published by Valorware, this top-down dungeon crawler has been captivating audiences with its riveting gameplay and expansive world since its release in 2016. Let’s delve deeper into this adventurous game, reliving the glory of the old-school RPG era in a modern gaming landscape.

  • Developer: Valorware
  • Publisher: Valorware
  • Release Date: October 2016
  • Platforms: PC, iOS, Android
  • Official Website: Official Site
  • Genre: RPG, Action, Adventure, Indie


Set in the expansive realm of Caspartia, ‘9th Dawn II’ picks up where its predecessor left off, plunging players into a narrative rife with new threats and unexpected twists. The main protagonist, fresh from overcoming humanity’s previous plight, is thrown into a bigger challenge as darkness once again descends upon the land.

The real charm of ‘9th Dawn II’ lies in its colossal and meticulously detailed world, offering the player limitless freedom to explore. Venture through verdant forests, dilapidated ruins, labyrinthine caves, and besieged cities, each harboring unique adversaries and countless secrets. The environmental design is worthy of praise, with diverse landscapes ranging from scorching desert sands to icy northern glaciers, providing a diverse backdrop for the unfolding epic. This vast world is also teeming with numerous items, weapons, and armors, encouraging continuous exploration.

The game excels in its engrossing dungeon crawl mechanics. Each dungeon brims with malevolent creatures, traps, and puzzles, demanding strategic thinking and preparedness from the player. The dungeon design deserves a nod for its variety, complexity, and the tactical depth it adds to the overall gameplay.

The character development system in ‘9th Dawn II’ eschews traditional RPG classes for a flexible skill-based system. Progress your character in Fighter, Archer, and Mage skills, focusing on a single path or diversifying your abilities to adapt to different situations, fostering a more personalized playstyle.

The game sports a broad array of enemies, each varying in their behaviors and abilities, keeping encounters fresh and challenging. The well-implemented AI ensures a rewarding and hardcore gaming experience that is both challenging and satisfying.


9th Dawn II’ masterfully resurrects the essence of old-school isometric RPGs while integrating modern gameplay mechanics. Fans of classics like Diablo and Divinity will feel right at home in its vast world filled with adventure and peril, making it an essential addition to any RPG aficionado’s gaming library.