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Transformice Review – Journey for Cheese in the World of Mice

Transformice Review – Journey for Cheese in the World of Mice






  • Cooperative and competitive gameplay offers varied experiences.
  • The unique, fun concept of mice chasing cheese.
  • Diverse game modes and obstacles keep the game engaging.
  • Built-in map editor and millions of maps offer high replayability.


  • High reliance on cooperation
  • Progression is primarily cosmetic

“Transformice” is a whimsical, multiplayer online mouse simulator developed and published by Atelier 801. Launched in 2010, this game delivers a unique blend of adventure, strategy, and cooperative gameplay. Its playful concept, where dozens of mice scramble for cheese while avoiding intricate traps, is both challenging and engaging, making it a compelling choice for players seeking an entertaining and social gaming experience.

  • Game Developer: Atelier 801
  • Game Publisher: Atelier 801
  • Release Date: 2010
  • Platforms: Web browser, Steam (PC, Mac)
  • Official Website:
  • Genre: MMO, Platformer


“Transformice” was created by two independent developers who initially developed the game as a hobby before founding Atelier 801. In each round, players have roughly two minutes to either bring the cheese to the hole or assist others in achieving this goal. One player becomes the Shaman, possessing the power to help fellow mice reach the cheese by creating bridges, balloons, ropes, and more from a unique set of items. The ingenuity and strategy required to achieve these tasks make the gameplay incredibly engaging.

The game features a variety of intricate obstacle courses. Players must navigate through treacherous terrain, including chasms, invisible floors, falling bombs, and even ski jumps, using speed and wit to overcome these challenges.

“Transformice” offers several game modes, each presenting unique challenges and maps, including:

  • Normal mode with a variety of official and custom maps.
  • Vanilla mode which only includes maps created by the game’s developers.
  • Survivor mode, where the shaman must eliminate all players while they try to find the cheese.
  • Racing, a high-speed race without shamans.
  • Bootcamp, a mode testing platforming skills and agility.
  • Defilante, a racing mode with ten rounds where players must complete map tasks.
  • Module, a mode encompassing all Transformice’s mini-games.
  • Village, a safe chat room suitable for roleplaying and relaxation, which also features NPCs selling in-game merch.

To further enhance replayability, “Transformice” includes a built-in map editor, allowing players to design and share their custom maps. This feature, coupled with the millions of existing official and user-generated maps, ensures an endless variety of gameplay experiences.

One of “Transformice’s” key features is the various temporary events typically timed to coincide with holidays. Participating players can earn decorative items and in-game currency, which they can use to purchase items from a comprehensive collection of cosmetic accessories for their mice. These do not impact gameplay but allow for extensive character customization.


“Transformice” is a charming and captivating multiplayer online game that combines strategy, platforming, and cooperative gameplay in a unique and engaging package. While the concept is simple – mice chasing cheese – the diverse game modes, obstacle-laden maps, and the added element of becoming a helpful Shaman, make the gameplay complex and rewarding. Although it may appear chaotic and confusing at first, its charm and addictive nature make “Transformice” a game that is worth the effort and time spent learning its intricacies. Whether you’re competitively racing for the cheese or gleefully helping others as the Shaman, “Transformice” is sure to provide hours of fun and exciting gameplay.

Minimum and Recommended Requirements

  • Minimum Requirements: CPU: 1.0 GHz RAM: 512 MB Video Card: 128 MB Disk Space: 100 MB
  • Recommended Requirements: CPU: 2.0 GHz RAM: 1 GB Video Card: 256 MB Disk Space: 200 MB