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Terraria Terra Blade vs Influx Waver

Terraria Terra Blade vs Influx Waver

There are a vast number of different types of swords in Terraria for fans of the warrior class, as well as close combat. Some of them have additional magical effects and incredible power, but getting them is pretty problematic. These swords include the Terra blade and the Influx waver.

In this article, you can find out basic information about the characteristics and parameters of these weapons, as well as their advantages and disadvantages in relation to each other.

Terra blade in Terraria

The Terra Blade is a Hardmode projectile sword that fires green sword-shaped projectiles on the attack. The advantage of this feature is that it requires neither mana nor ammunition. Due to the piercing type of attack, each projectile can hit up to three enemies, impaling two and disappearing on collision with a third or with a wall. Each shot deals 50% more damage than Terra Blade itself. The projectile can travel up to 5000 feet.

Even without the sword itself, it can still do massive amounts of damage at long ranges without the use of bullets or mana.

Thanks to its high attack speed, as well as piercing projectiles, Terra Blade allows you to very effectively destroy crowds of hostile monsters, as well as easily complete events like the Pirate Invasion or Martian Madness. Its effectiveness can be improved many times with buffs aimed at increasing the speed of melee attacks.

The weapon becomes available in the later stages of the game after defeating Plantera. However, getting it is quite problematic due to the difficult crafting. To create Terra Blade, you need Mythril Anvil or Orichalcum Anvil. Besides, three other swords are required as materials – True Night’s Edge, True Excalibur and Broken Hero Sword.

Terra Blade has a base attack of 115 damage (projectiles deal up to 173 damage). In addition, there is a 4% chance to hit critically. There is also a strong knockback on impact with a value of 6.5. Despite the magical projectiles, the weapon falls into the melee category, so modifiers of the corresponding type apply to it. Its best modifier is Legendary.

Influx waver in Terraria

In addition to the standard attack of the sword itself, it also fires projectiles in the form of illusory swords.

The peculiarity of the Influx Waver projectiles is in their behaviour. After the projectile successfully makes contact with an enemy or another hostile projectile, it will disappear. Still, it can return up to two more times to attack a nearby enemy or the same enemy. It travels at about 55 mph and has a maximum range of 5500 tiles. It appears to fluctuate in size and becomes much smaller as it gains to distance.

The Influx Waver is pretty challenging to obtain, primarily due to the fact that it cannot be crafted. It also only becomes available in the late game. The Influx Waver has a 16.67% chance of being dropped by a Martian Saucer during the Martian Madness Event.
Despite the magical projectiles, the weapon falls into the melee category, so modifiers of the corresponding type apply to it. Its best modifier is Legendary.

Influx Waver base damage is 110 damage; projectiles do the same damage. In addition, there is a 4% chance to hit critically. When hitting, there is also an average knockback of 4.5.

Terra blade vs Influx waver in Terraria

Having dealt with the main parameters and characteristics of these two types of weapons, you can compare them with each other. First of all, it should be noted that swords have an identical projectile behaviour pattern, but the post-effect is significantly different. The Terra blade projectile pierces up to 3 enemies while flying in a straight trajectory. And the Influx waver projectile disappears when it collides with the first enemy. Still, it reappears and attacks first from below and then from above a nearby enemy or the same enemy. Considering these features in the first place, the Terra blade looks much better since it allows you to control several targets at once and not one, as is the case with the Influx waver. Terra blade also benefits from attack speed and damage dealt. Swings with this sword and the speed of the projectiles are much higher in parameters. The Terra blade also outperforms the Influx waver (115 versus 110), considering that its shots deal even more damage, reaching 173. The Terra Blade has more knockback, and unlike the Influx Waver, it does not rely on automatic targeting. However, the Influx Waver is superior when fighting one target. The potential of Terra Blade is revealed only in battles with groups of opponents.

In terms of modifiers, both weapons are in the same category. The principle of their attack is also similar; therefore, the Legendary modifier is the most preferable for each of them.

It is worth paying attention to how the player can obtain these swords. While Terra Blade crafting depends entirely on how the player is focused on receiving it, then getting the Influx waver depends a lot on luck. The creation of the first one is tied to the receipt of three sword materials, which the player is guaranteed to receive at the appropriate stage of the game. The player will get access to the second sword much later. The Martian Madness Event must also take place, where the player will have to defeat Martian Saucer. And even if all these conditions are met, the chance of dropping Influx waver will be 1/6. In other words, obtaining this weapon will take much more time and effort.

Summing up, we can say that the Terra Blade is in many ways superior to the Influx waver. Still, it should be remembered that they are situationally different, despite many similarities. Players are encouraged to focus on building the Terra Blade first, leaving attempts to loot the Influx waver for later. It is also worth remembering that both swords are necessary for the final stage of the game, as both are involved in creating Zenith – the most powerful sword in Terraria.