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“Sword of Convallaria” Merges the Best of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics in Upcoming Tactical RPG

“Sword of Convallaria” Merges the Best of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics in Upcoming Tactical RPG

XD Games has introduced their soon-to-launch tactical fantasy RPG, Sword of Convallaria, blending the allure of Fire Emblem with the strategic depth of Final Fantasy Tactics. With its release slated for later this year on PC and mobile, players are now being offered a tantalizing glimpse into the kingdom of Iria through a just-released gameplay trailer.

Sword of Convallaria, now available for pre-registration on the App Store, Google Play, and as a wishlist entry on Steam, beckons players with a vivid pixelated fantasy universe. Within this realm, players’ choices mold the narrative and the destinies of its inhabitants. From handhelds to desktops, expect a breathtakingly consistent graphical experience and an intricate strategy gameplay reminiscent of classic console titles.

The game’s backdrop is the ancient continent of Rodinia, home to the resourceful nation of Iria, abundant in the mystical Luxite minerals. Gamers start their expedition awakening in a dungeon, quickly transitioning to the town of Convallaria, a region grappling with the rising tides of conflict from Iria. As the head of the Sword of Convallaria Mercenary Group, players will negotiate with varying factions and confront hard choices in their quest to bring peace to Iria.

The in-game experience is multifaceted: players can personalize their mercenary group by hiring allies, imparting skills, crafting gear, pioneering technologies, and undertaking missions for various factions. Combat strategy is paramount. By utilizing powerful comrades and leveraging the terrain, players can outsmart adversaries. Each battle and every decision made will sculpt Rodinia’s future.

Recently, the game caught the attention of JRPG maestro Yasumi Matsuno, revered for his contribution to timeless gems like Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Tactics. In an enlightening chat with Sword of Convallaria’s developer, Lei Guo, we gain more insight into the game’s genesis. Rooted in Guo’s passion for the RPG genre and retro pixel art, the game is already brimming with content, boasting 300 maps and an astounding 1,000 stages. Player choices lead to multiple endings, adding layers of replayability. Guo’s vision for the game is a mix of his favorite video games and poignant historical moments. And the title? “Sword of Convallaria” was christened to symbolize the fleeting nature and allure of peace, and the instruments wielded to safeguard it.