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Subterrain Review – The Terrifying Reality of a Martian Colony

Subterrain Review – The Terrifying Reality of a Martian Colony






  • Expansive procedurally generated world that offers replay value.
  • Intricate survival mechanics that push players to their limits.
  • Rich crafting and research systems that reward exploration.
  • Deep and engaging combat mechanics.
  • Atmospheric design that encapsulates the horror of the game's setting.


  • The relentless difficulty might deter casual gamers.

Set against the desolate backdrop of Mars, “Subterrain” is a survival horror game that captivates the player with its gripping narrative and expansive procedurally generated world. Developed and published by Pixellore Inc, it stands as a testament to the strengths of indie gaming, presenting itself as the spiritual successor to the eerie and atmospheric “Darkwood.”


Dr. West, our protagonist, awakens alone in a Martian underground city, only to be confronted with an abandoned prison complex teeming with the dead. Throughout the game, players must face the relentless challenge of survival, battling scarce resources, relentless enemies, and a mysterious epidemic that has ravaged the once-thriving colony.

Survival mechanics are paramount in Subterrain. The intricately designed system requires players to be ever vigilant about their vital stats: hunger, thirst, sleep, and overall health, particularly as the ever-present virus threatens to consume Dr. West. Diseases like bleeding, fractures, exhaustion, and hypothermia further accentuate the survival challenge, pushing players to prioritize resource collection and timely research to produce life-saving medicines.

Drawing parallels to “Darkwood”, Subterrain offers a broad array of weaponry – both melee and ranged. Many weapons boast customization options, enhancing their efficiency and damage output. Battles, particularly those against more formidable foes, demand strategy, skill, and a thoughtful approach, especially given the AI’s ability to respond to noise and manipulate objects.

Subterrain’s world is not static. The infection proliferates in real-time, pressuring players to make swift decisions. Failing to address mutant cocoons in time can spell doom, as can neglecting the colony-wide infection simulation. It’s a race against time as players must escape the confines of the colony before it becomes an insurmountable death trap.

Subterrain’s world brims with collectibles – items that may seem trivial initially but can be transformed into essential crafting materials. From establishing farms to mining rare ores, players must tap into every resource available to survive. Utilizing technologies like the 3D printer and Bio-Connector, players can fabricate weapons, tools, and other survival essentials.

The game’s atmosphere stands out exceptionally. Much like Darkwood, Subterrain engulfs players in an enigmatic fog, limiting visibility to the protagonist’s immediate vicinity. This creates a tense and oppressive ambiance that mirrors the desolation and dread of a decimated Martian colony.


For those who relish top-down survival horror games, Subterrain is a must-play. It’s especially resonant for enthusiasts of the Sci-Fi genre and admirers of titles like Darkwood. With its haunting narrative, complex mechanics, and eerie atmosphere, Subterrain offers a gaming experience that lingers long after the final credits roll.

Subterrain System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: Intel HD graphics 4400 or better – Min resolution 1280×720
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz or equivalent processor
  • File Size: 1200 MB
  • OS: Windows 7