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Steamhounds Review – The Strategic Steampunk Odyssey

Steamhounds Review – The Strategic Steampunk Odyssey


Delve into the retro-futuristic world of Steamhounds, an engaging turn-based multiplayer strategy RPG game that captures the essence of steampunk aesthetics and strategic combat. This title, crafted with attention to detail by Stray Basilisk, is a testament to the evolution of indie games and their potential to offer rich gaming experiences.


At its core, Steamhounds prioritizes strategy, demanding players to not only master the game’s mechanics but also anticipate their opponents’ moves. Venturing through a steampunk metropolis, you control a team of mercenaries hired by shadowy factions, engaging in covert operations and uncovering citywide conspiracies.

Modes available range from single-player campaign stories to multiplayer skirmishes and cooperative gameplay. These diverse modes guarantee an experience tailored to every player’s preference, whether they’re narrative-driven or competition-focused.

Central to the gameplay is the intricate combat system. Unlike traditional turn-based strategy games, Steamhounds emphasizes unit placement and pre-battle preparation. With each character boasting a unique skill set and individual zone of control, meticulous planning is paramount.

Moreover, the game introduces an innovative ‘stance’ system, allowing players to shift their characters’ positions and abilities dynamically, offering a fluid and constantly evolving battlefield.


Steamhounds embraces a pixel-art visual aesthetic, merging the classic charm of sprite-based games with modern-day visual flair. This combination presents a semi-realistic portrayal with detailed sprites, vibrant visual effects, and semi-3D battle arenas. It’s not just a game; it’s a visual odyssey, allowing players to appreciate the beauty of each pixel while strategizing their next move.


Steamhounds is an indie gem that not only pays homage to classic strategy RPGs but also introduces fresh mechanics to keep players on their toes. With its captivating steampunk setting, tactical depth, and visually pleasing pixel art, this title by Stray Basilisk is a must-play for strategy enthusiasts.