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Starmourn Review – Travel the Cosmos of Text-based Adventures

Starmourn Review – Travel the Cosmos of Text-based Adventures






  • Deep and intricate character customization.
  • Rich lore with diverse races and backgrounds.
  • Engaging economic and trading systems.
  • Unique blend of old-school format and modern storytelling.

Embracing the old-school charm of text-based MMORPGs, Starmourn invites players into a vast universe that transcends time and space. Built on an intricate narrative with countless decisions and paths, the game promises an experience that few other titles can match.

  • Developer: Iron Realms Entertainment, LLC
  • Publisher: Iron Realms Entertainment, LLC
  • Release Date: 2020
  • Platforms: PC, Web Browser
  • Official website:
  • Genre: MMORPG, Text-based, Sci-fi


While Starmourn might seem simple due to its text-based nature, the game’s depth is unparalleled. From driving spaceships to intricate diplomatic conversations, each action is prompted through console commands. This method offers players a more immersive experience, letting their imagination fuel the story.

Starmourn offers a rich character creation process, allowing players to dive deep into the lore and weave their protagonist’s tale. Every minute detail, from facial features to backstory, influences the overarching narrative. With twelve diverse races and five distinct classes, the combinations are endless.

Beyond the physical attributes and class decisions, players can craft a legend for their character. Whether you dream of becoming a fearless space explorer or a cunning merchant, the game adjusts its story accordingly. Furthermore, the economic systems provide layers of complexity, from trading to production, offering different avenues of gameplay.

Starmourn tests players’ strategic prowess in two main combat forms: personal combat and space combat. While personal combat revolves around resource management and strategy, space combat is an intricate dance of offense, defense, and navigation. Even in these battles, the game’s ASCII graphics provide a unique visual representation, adding a modern touch to the classic format.

The vastness of Starmourn’s universe is showcased in its lore-rich races and their unique backgrounds. From the art-loving Shen to the physically dominant W’hoorn, the narrative depth is impressive. Meanwhile, the five available classes further diversify gameplay strategies and character builds.


Starmourn is a testament to the power of storytelling and imagination. Its text-based format offers a deep and immersive experience, akin to diving into a novel where every decision influences the outcome. With a vast universe to explore and countless stories to weave, Starmourn stands out as a unique and captivating MMORPG.