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StarBreak Review – Procedurally Generated Shooter Action

StarBreak Review – Procedurally Generated Shooter Action






  • Unique combination of roguelike and Metroidvania genres.
  • Procedurally generated levels provide fresh gameplay experiences.
  • Four classes with unique skills and playstyles.
  • Fast-paced character progression.
  • Permadeath system that emphasizes skill and strategy.


  • Permadeath might be frustrating for some players.
  • The game could be considered repetitive after a while due to its rogue-like nature.

StarBreak is an action-platformer MMORPG that takes its place in the pantheon of “roguevania” games – combining the platforming and combat elements of Metroidvania games with the procedural generation and permadeath of roguelike games. Developed and published by Crunchy Games, it offers an engaging blend of fast-paced gameplay, intense combat, and deep customization.

  • Game Developer: Crunchy Games
  • Game Publisher: Crunchy Games
  • Release Date: January 1, 2016
  • Platforms: Web browsers, Steam
  • Official Website:
  • Genre: MMORPG, Roguevania


One of the most compelling features of StarBreak is its procedurally generated levels. This ensures that each playthrough is a unique experience, with players never encountering the same location twice. The game world is populated with a variety of dangerous aliens and epic bosses that are reminiscent of classic platformers, but presented with a modern and visually appealing twist.

Character progression in StarBreak is notably faster than in many MMOs. However, the game also implements permadeath; if your character dies, all progress is lost. While this might sound frustrating, it is offset by the fast pace of character development and the fact that player skill level, once acquired, stays with the player even after the character’s death.

There are four classes available in the game: Wildfire, Duskwing, Ironclad, and Fabricator. Each class has a distinct playstyle and abilities, with two types of weapons and specific skills.

The Fabricator, for instance, is a master at creating devices that aid allies. The Wildfire class excels in long-range combat, the Ironclad is able to absorb a significant amount of damage, and the Duskwing is known for swift aerial attacks.

StarBreak doesn’t allow players to sell or trade loot. Instead, it introduces an automatic loot system where the loot is evenly distributed among players. With over two hundred types of equipment and items for character progression, this system ensures a fair distribution of resources while keeping the focus on combat and exploration.


StarBreak is a decent addition to the roguevania genre, offering an action-packed and challenging experience that requires strategic thinking and nimble reflexes. It doesn’t shy away from difficult gameplay elements like permadeath, and instead, it uses them to enhance the excitement and tension of the game. Although the visual style and game mechanics may not be to everyone’s taste, StarBreak is an engaging game that can offer hours of fun and adventure for those who dare to dive into its unpredictable world.