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Ship of Heroes Review – A Galactic Hero’s Journey

Ship of Heroes Review – A Galactic Hero’s Journey

Ship of Heroes





  • Deep and immersive character customization.
  • Fluid combat with options to combine playstyles.
  • Strong focus on both individual and team-based missions.
  • Promised future expansions and gameplay modes.

Set against the backdrop of the distant future, “Ship of Heroes” invites players to immerse themselves in a unique blend of superhero narrative and space exploration. Journey through the cosmos aboard a generation ship in 2487, as you combat extraterrestrial threats, unravel mysteries, and shape your destiny.

  • Developer: Heroic Games
    Publisher: Heroic Games
    Release Date: 2020
    Platforms: PC
    Official Website:
    Genre: MMORPG, Superhero MMO


“Ship of Heroes” casts players as budding superheroes on a massive spaceship, navigating through uncharted realms. These heroes are not just defenders of the ship, but also of the countless planets they visit. The overarching quest pits them against relentless alien invaders, with the stakes being the universe’s invaluable resources and its very inhabitants. Interwoven with these grand endeavors are internal missions guided by AI mentors, ensuring that heroes remain sharp and connected to their shipborne community.

A highlight of the MMORPG is its exhaustive character creation toolkit. Players have the liberty to sculpt their heroes’ appearances down to intricate details, ensuring a truly unique experience. From a plethora of costume components to nuanced alterations in physical stature, the game ensures that every hero stands out, adding a layer of personal investment for the players.

Whether you’re a lone ranger or a team player, “Ship of Heroes” is tailored to cater to both preferences. Engage in real-time combat that allows players to seamlessly merge playstyles, yielding hybrid classes that resonate with their strategy. The game also champions a classical archetype model, with Tanks, Brawlers, Devastators, and Defenders taking center stage, each offering distinct abilities and power sets. With promises of introducing Controllers and Commanders, the combat landscape is set to be ever-evolving.

Venture into diverse worlds, each presenting unique materials ripe for the taking. These resources can be transformed into a multitude of items, amplifying your arsenal. Though some worlds at launch may seem familiar, the developers assure a constant expansion, making every visit an adventure.

Every hero has a role to play beyond combat. Undertake various vocations, from ensuring the ship’s safety to spearheading resource extraction expeditions. The crafting system also doubles up as a means to financial gains. Dedication and tenacity translate to sizable rewards, enabling players to upgrade and expand their toolkit.

While the initial release leans heavily on PvE, pitting players against formidable AI adversaries, there’s a looming introduction of diverse PvP modules. From duels to large-scale team battles, players will have ample opportunities to test their mettle against peers. Opting for PvP battles will usher in exclusive rewards, enhancing the game’s replay value.


Ship of Heroes” melds the allure of superhero fantasies with the thrill of interstellar exploration. It promises a universe teeming with challenges, opportunities, and a canvas for players to etch their legacy. A compelling narrative, robust character customization, and expansive gameplay ensure a captivating experience for all MMORPG enthusiasts.

Ship of Heroes System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 11.0
  • CPU: QuadCore 3,0 GHz
  • File Size: 30 GB
  • OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (32 bit or 64 bit)