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Realms of Despair Review – A Classic Text-Based MMORPG

Realms of Despair Review – A Classic Text-Based MMORPG

Realms of Despair





  • Engaging and rich text-based gameplay.
  • Highly detailed character customization options.
  • Robust combat and RPG mechanics.
  • Beautiful ASCII art in various locations.


  • The necessity to remember numerous console commands.
  • Lack of visual appeal compared to modern-day RPGs.

The nostalgia of classic text-based MMORPGs is alive and well in “Realms of Despair”. Developed by Derek Snider in the year 1994, this game carries its legacy with pride, engaging players in its vast universe and intricate gameplay mechanics.


Realms of Despair is not just another text-based MMORPG; it stands as a testament to the charm of classic gaming. The welcoming community remains one of the game’s strongest assets, ensuring that newcomers don’t feel lost in the extensive universe. Complementing the in-depth gameplay are the ASCII graphics which, although minimalistic, provide a certain aesthetic charm to certain locations.

The character customization is a delight, allowing players a deep dive into creating unique avatars that match their imagined heroes. With numerous classes and races to pick from, players can fine-tune their heroes for optimal gameplay. Moreover, the vast array of equipment and accessories further amplifies this customization.

Navigating through the intricate combat and RPG system might appear daunting at first. With a plethora of console commands and their subcommands to learn, players often find themselves referencing the beginner’s guide frequently. However, once past this initial learning curve, the game is a rewarding experience.


While it might seem peculiar to discuss graphics in a text-based MMORPG, Realms of Despair offers a unique blend of beautifully designed ASCII art graphics that provide a sense of immersion. These visuals, paired with vivid textual descriptions, breathe life into every locale and character.


Realms of Despair is more than a game; it’s an experience. It captures the essence of classic MMORPGs, providing players with a perfect blend of nostalgia and engaging gameplay. Though its learning curve might deter some, those who embark on the journey are in for a rewarding adventure.