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Past Fate Review – A Journey Through Medieval Fantasy and Warfare

Past Fate Review – A Journey Through Medieval Fantasy and Warfare

Past Fate Review





  • Extensive exploration opportunities with naval adventures.
  • Dynamic warfare system including PvP, faction battles, and sea skirmishes.
  • Rich character customization with five distinct classes.
  • Engaging mysteries and treasures to uncover.

Past Fate is an MMORPG that invites players into a vast medieval fantasy world where freedom reigns supreme. Developed and published by Icy North Games, this game offers a blend of exploration, warfare, magic, and mystery.


With five unique character classes including necromancer, pirate, warrior, mage, and priest, players can tailor their abilities to suit their playstyle. Further customization through skills and equipment enables a personal touch to each adventure.

Exploration is central to Past Fate. Players can build ships, sail across seas, discover new continents, and trade goods. The naval battle system allows for intense sea skirmishes, with various crew members like archers, mages, and gunners.

The world of Nendhir is divided into two primary factions, Valfalk and Morsath, each controlling significant lands and engaging in constant battle for supremacy. As a mercenary, players must aid their chosen faction, partake in duels, raids, and campaigns against world bosses.

Past Fate is teeming with secrets, riddles, and treasures. Research, exploration, and collaboration with friends or hired mercenaries lead to uncovering hidden riches and powerful forces.

But the world of Nendhir is not all glory and adventure. Dark forces are awakening, and creatures like the mighty dragon Yddrad threaten to engulf everything. Nighttime can be perilous as players wielding dark magic transform into beasts.


Past Fate stands as a promising MMORPG that caters to fans of medieval fantasy, exploration, and intricate warfare. The freedom of choice, extensive character customization, and intense battles make it an exciting prospect. However, it might require dedication and patience to uncover all its secrets, and the presence of violence and nudity adds an age limit to its audience.