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Odin Quest Review – Embark on a Norse Adventure

Odin Quest Review – Embark on a Norse Adventure

Odin Quest





  • Advanced Pet System
  • Wide Variety of Armour and Weapons
  • Automatic Combat System
  • Five Playable Classes

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Norse mythology, Odin Quest takes players on a journey through a world filled with legendary deities, ancient rituals, and mighty battles. This free-to-play, browser-based Action Role Playing Game (ARPG) is developed and published by Gamebox.

  • Game developer: Gamebox
  • Game publisher: Gamebox
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Platforms: Browser-based
  • Genre: Fantasy ARPG


At its core, Odin Quest is a narrative-driven game, placing a significant emphasis on storytelling. As players navigate this expansive world, they engage with various NPCs, each adding depth to the overarching storyline, providing new quests, and offering insight into the vast realm’s many mysteries.

One notable feature of Odin Quest is the meticulous attention to character classes. The game currently offers five distinct classes – Magician, Warrior, Killer, Priest, and Hunter. Each comes with its unique set of abilities and gameplay mechanics. Warriors, for instance, might not have the highest damage output, but they make up for it with superior armour and stamina. On the other hand, Magicians excel in crowd control, decimating foes with their AoE (Area of Effect) spells.

Venturing beyond the cities and populated areas reveals Odin Quest’s expansive landscapes. From haunting dungeons to serene meadows and dense forests, the game’s locations are not only aesthetically pleasing but also strategically designed. These terrains often play a crucial role in battles, affecting player strategies and outcomes.

A standout feature in Odin Quest is the intricate pet system. These are not merely cosmetic companions but battle-hardened creatures, aiding players in combat. Furthermore, there’s an arena designated for pet battles, allowing players to pit their pets against others in fierce competitions.

Odin Quest’s combat system, designed with ease of access in mind, includes an automatic combat and movement feature. This ensures that even players new to the ARPG genre can dive right in, experiencing intense battles without feeling overwhelmed.

Odin Quest Classes Breakdown:

Odin Quest offers a deep dive into character customization and development with its five classes:

  1. Magician: Masters of arcane arts, Magicians harness the elements to rain destruction upon their foes.
  2. Warrior: The frontline tanks, Warriors bear the brunt of the battle, ensuring their allies remain safe.
  3. Killer: Specialists in assassination, Killers excel in delivering swift, lethal blows.
  4. Priest: The heart of any group, Priests heal and shield their allies, ensuring their group’s longevity in battle.
  5. Hunter: Skilled marksmen, Hunters engage enemies from a distance, ensuring they never come close.