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Monster Hunter: Rise Review – An Epic Monster Hunting World

Monster Hunter: Rise Review – An Epic Monster Hunting World

Monster Hunter: Rise





  • Incredible level of detail in monster design and animations.
  • New Wirebug mechanic brings a fresh twist to exploration and combat.
  • Expanded open locations encourage more exploration.
  • Palamutes provide a new dynamic in both combat and transport.
  • Offline quests can be paused, enhancing the single-player experience.


  • Some players may find the navigation with Wirebug challenging at first.
  • Monster difficulty might be overwhelming for new players.

Venturing into the wild to face gigantic creatures has always been a thrilling experience in the world of video games. Monster Hunter Rise, the latest installment in Capcom’s esteemed Monster Hunter series, pushes the excitement to a whole new level. Brought alive by the RE Engine and exclusive to Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise invites players to embark on an enthralling journey filled with menacing monsters and a richly detailed fantasy world.


Set half a century after a cataclysmic event, Monster Hunter Rise’s story unfolds in a world living in the shadow of a potential disaster. The game throws hunters into the heart of the action as they square off against a new breed of monstrous terror threatening to plunge their world into chaos.

The game’s uniqueness lies in its monster design and animation. Over four years in development, each monster was meticulously modelled and approved at various stages, resulting in an impressive level of detail that further enhances the in-game ecosystem and environment. Monster Hunter Rise introduces the Wirebug, a device that aids players in moving at high speeds, scaling walls, and reaching previously inaccessible places. Alongside the Wirebug, 14 distinct weapons are available to the hunters, each with its special Wirebug-centric attack.

Monster Hunter Rise also pioneers open locations compared to its predecessors, with characters able to grip and climb virtually any surface, making exploration a cornerstone of the gameplay experience. The addition of the dog-like companion, Palamute, brings a new dynamic to the series. Players can use Palamutes as transport, engage in combo attacks, and perform various other actions while riding them, such as healing.

The game divides quests into single-player (“village”) and multiplayer (“guild”) quests, with Capcom removing the splash screens that previously disrupted multiplayer sessions. One critical improvement is the implementation of a pause feature for offline quests, a feature absent from Monster Hunter: World and its Iceborne expansion.

Monster Hunter Rise further solidifies Capcom’s reputation for delivering thrilling and engaging action RPGs. While it maintains the core mechanics that have made the series so popular, it’s not afraid to introduce new gameplay elements that significantly enhance the overall experience. From the Wirebug mechanic to the introduction of Palamutes, Monster Hunter Rise is a testament to Capcom’s commitment to evolving the franchise. The stunning level of detail in the monster design alone makes it worth the time for any action RPG lover. Despite a few minor drawbacks, Monster Hunter Rise stands as a pinnacle of monster-hunting action, offering both veterans and newcomers an experience that is as challenging as it is rewarding.