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Lords of the Arena Review – Idle RPG with MOBA Elements

Lords of the Arena Review – Idle RPG with MOBA Elements

Lords of the Arena





  • Many unique Heroes with different abilities
  • PVP Tournaments and Challenges
  • Play seamlessly on PC or mobile devices.
  • Immersive and Simple Idle Gameplay

“Lords of the Arena” is a blend of MOBA elements with idle RPG mechanics. Here, players are thrust into a universe brimming with magic, warfare, and strategies waiting to be unleashed.

  • Developer: R2Games
    Publisher: R2Games
    Release Date: 2020
    Platforms: PC, iOS, Android
    Official Website:
    Genre: Idle Online Strategy RPG with MOBA Elements


“Lords of the Arena” offers an intricately woven plot set against the backdrop of a once peaceful empire now thrust into turmoil. As the story unfolds, players must select a team of valorous heroes to combat the forces of darkness that loom over the capital. The player’s choice between the Alliance of humans, the elven Forest faction, and the Chaos group – consisting of demons and the undead – adds depth and replayability to the game.

A hallmark of any great RPG, character progression and customization, is at the heart of this game. As players advance, they have the opportunity to outfit their heroes with powerful artefacts, unlock abilities, and ascend through nine equipment levels. The four unique skills provided to each character further allow players to diversify their strategies and approach each battle with renewed vigour.

The competitive edge of “Lords of the Arena” shines through its PvP arena, categorised into nine Leagues. Climbing the ranks not only brings with it prestige but also valuable rewards that enhance gameplay. For those seeking community engagement, Guild Events and Weekly Championships provide ample opportunities to collaborate, compete, and conquer. All this, complemented by a turn-based combat system, ensures that players always have meaningful choices and actions at their fingertips.

Another notable feature is the game’s accessibility across platforms. Whether on PC or mobile, players can easily dive into the action, ensuring that the battle against darkness can continue anytime, anywhere.

Graphics and Aesthetics

Visually, “Lords of the Arena” boasts crisp graphics with detailed character designs and environments. Each faction has distinct aesthetics, reflecting their lore and essence. Battle animations are fluid, and the user interface is intuitive, further elevating the gaming experience.