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Jojamart vs Community Center in Stardew Valley

Jojamart vs Community Center in Stardew Valley

One of the essential plot conflicts in Stardew Valley is the choice between rebuilding the Community Center and JojaMart. Wheter you decide to restore the Community Center or to purchase JojaMart Membership, you will be able to acquire different improvements for the town and your farm.

Community Center in Stardew Valley

The Community Center is located in Pelican Town: initially, it looks like a half-destroyed building, and the villagers cannot get in.

To open the Community Center, you must enter the town from the side of the bus stop beginning on the 5th day of spring, between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm. Entering the city from another direction, at a different time or on a day when it is raining, will not work.

Mayor Lewis will open the building and bring the player inside, where strange creatures named Junimos appear. Lewis will leave the Community Center unlocked, allowing the player to come inside later and explore the items located there.

To be able to complete community bundles, you must interact with the Golden Scroll located in the lower-left room. The scroll contains strange inscriptions that cannot be deciphered. The next day you will get access to the first bundles.

All of the gold scrolls in the community center can then be read by the player. Each bundle requests specific ingredients; completing all bundles restores the community center.

JojaMart in Stardew Valley

JojaMart is a store owned by the Joja Corporation, which is the player’s previous employer. Morris runs the store and handles customer service. He can be found at the bottom right of the store, where he will offer to obtain a JojaMart membership for 5,000 gold. Membership is available after unlocking the Community Center.

Purchasing a Joja membership from Morris causes the Community Center to be destroyed and replaced by the Joja Warehouse. The player can
purchase community development projects through the Joja Community Development, the way it was available to obtain by completing bundles in the Community Center.

Alternatively, if the player purchases a JojaMart membership from Morris for 5,000g, the Community Center is replaced with the Joja Warehouse. Instead of filling out kits, the player will buy community upgrades through the community development form on Joja.

Jojamart or Community center in Stardew Valley

If you choose to do Community Center, you will have quite a few things to do. You won’t be limited to farming or breeding animals: you’ll need to go fishing to find rare fish species, spend time developing skills for artisan goods, and much more. You’ll get valuable resources and useful tools, such as a Preservers Jar or Keg, for completing bundles.

If you choose to purchase a JojaMart membership, all town restorations will be available for purchase through the Joja Community Development Form at JojaMart. Also, you will receive a discount for purchases in Joja, which will allow you to buy cheaper seeds every day of the week.

Although you’ll have to spend more time in the Community Center, it’s much more interesting than JoyaMart. If you’re a beginner in Stardew Valley, try the canonical development path to get to know the people of Stardew better and learn more aspects of the game.