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How to change party members in Baldur’s Gate 3

How to change party members in Baldur’s Gate 3

In the course of exploring the lands of Baldur’s Gate 3, the player will come across various characters, potentially ready to join their adventures in a group.

In this case, first of all, it is worth taking into account the peculiarities of their character, liking and dislike for individual races, classes, etc. Before including any NPC in the group, make sure that the squad’s harmony will not be ruined.

In the game’s initial stages, almost everyone will start to wonder how you can change your group members. They should complement each other and provide you with the perfect class balance, so it’s a tricky challenge.

This guide will help you figure out how to change party members in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Changing party Members in Baldur’s Gate 3

First of all, the player should pay attention to the flaming bonfire icon located in the right corner of the screen on the minimap’s right side.

The educational game marker will draw attention to this icon at the moment when the player uses up action points for the first time during the free exploration of the world. This button sends the player and their squad to a temporary camp, which is a kind of refuge, where they can spend organizational moments. You can also get to the camp by opening the map and clicking on the “Camp” button on the map’s top.

An example of one of the possible options for the appearance of the camp, as well as the adventurers located in it

The change of squad members can be done in two ways, depending on the group’s free slots’ availability. If the squad is not staffed, the player can approach the companion of interest and invite them to the team. To do this, enter into a dialogue with this NPC, and then select the appropriate offer. If all the group slots are already occupied, then the player must first free at least one. To do this, they should decide on the least useful character in the group, and then, during the dialogue, select the phrase “We should journey separately for now …” or “I think it’s better if you to stay here in camp for a while”.

After that, the player can invite the desired adventurer to the squad, following the instructions described earlier.

It is worth noting that in Baldur’s Gate 3, all NPCs available as partners will be sent to this camp. Whether it be in the case of meeting a new adventurer who wants to join but has been rejected by the player, or an NPC with whom the player has split up. Do not worry that they will not be more available – they will always wait in the camp.

When choosing squad members, the player should try to balance their group depending on the protagonist’s classpath and current tasks.
It is how you can easily change party members in Baldur’s Gate 3. For more help with the game, you can check out our other in-depth guides on Baldur’s Gate 3.