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Firestone Idle RPG Review – Conquering Realms One Click at a Time

Firestone Idle RPG Review – Conquering Realms One Click at a Time

Firestone Idle RPG





  • Expansive Hero and Guardian Roster:
  • Engaging Progression System
  • Simple battle mechanics
  • Idle Gameplay


  • Idle Gameplay Not For Everyone
  • Browser-Based Limitations

Enter the mythical lands of Firestone, where every idle moment is a step closer to legendary status. Brought to life by Holyday Studios, Firestone Idle RPG blends strategy, team-building, and idle gameplay into a captivating MMORPG experience.

  • Developer: Holyday Studios
  • Publisher: Holyday Studios
  • Release Date: 2019
  • Platforms: PC (Browser-based)
  • Official website:
  • Genre: MMORPG


Firestone presents a realm where mystical beings and brave warriors coalesce. As players venture forth, they’ll be tasked with assembling a formidable band of heroes, each brimming with unique abilities, to ward off escalating threats. The world unfolds with intricate challenges and narratives as players dispatch their champions on varying quests.

Mining plays a crucial role, with gold and the coveted firestones being pivotal to unlocking advanced craft skills, enhancing your heroes’ prowess in battle. The camaraderie doesn’t stop with your heroes; guilds await those who wish to band together, combining strengths in pursuit of shared goals.

The city’s architecture, reminiscent of medieval fantasies, houses special buildings that progressively unlock, adding layers to the gameplay. From concocting powerful potions in the Alchemist’s shop to unlocking arcane secrets in the Library and Magic Quarters, there’s always something beckoning the player’s attention.

Heroes are categorized not just by classes but also by combat roles. They draw from distinct energy sources, be it mana, rage, or energy, to unleash their special moves. Complementing your band of heroes are the Guardians – ethereal beings, like dragons and angels. They can be summoned to provide backup, turning the tide in challenging battles.

Strategizing becomes paramount as players must be discerning with their hero formations, skill deployment, and equipment upgrades. Every piece of armor and weapon can alter a battle’s outcome, and with rarer items promising unparalleled power, the hunt for the ultimate gear becomes an adventure in itself.


Firestone Idle RPG, with its blend of strategy and idle gameplay, promises hours of engaging content. Players are given the freedom to tailor their strategies, experiment with team compositions, and dive into a world where every decision can be the difference between victory and defeat.