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Elex Companion Ultimate Guide

Elex Companion Ultimate Guide

Elex Companion Guide

You can explore the world of Elex alone or with a companion. At the start, when Jax is weak, it’d be wise to have someone at your side. Besides, kills by companions earn Jax experience the same way when killing creatures alone. This is particularly useful at the beginning of your journey on Magalan.

The obvious benefit of having a company is increased combat power and access to companion quests for experience, but to maintain a good relationship while traveling together, you have to stick to a definite playstyle (e.g. good-hearted or badass character) with each companion. Besides, some will agree to join you only after completing tasks for them.

Each companion has a disposition level, from hating to idolizing you, which changes depending on your actions and dialogue choices. Sometimes your companions take part in dialogues or comment on the surroundings. Some of the companions can be romanced.

The arsenal of Jax’s team is not hard specified. Instead, their weapons are randomly generated at the first meeting, after which they are fixed.
Let’s see where we can find each one and what they are like.

Companion Duras

The first encounter with Duras of the Berserker Warrior Caste is anything but friendly. Jax gets a punch in the face while trying to sneak on him near the observatory ruins at the beginning of the game, which reminds of the warm welcome the Nameless Hero receives in Gothic I. Jax is suspicious at first, believing that Duras may have stolen his equipment. The Berserker, for his part, offers Jax shelter in Goliet and an escort to the town. It’s his task by the Berserkers to care for the lost and bring them to a safe place. Later, Duras offers Jax his friendship, if you take his side during a series of controversial events in Goliet.

He’s willing to help and doesn’t care much about Jax’ past. However, Duras won’t follow you right away. After taking Jax to Goliet, he will remain there until you finish Tooth for a Tooth quest. Duras is proficient in sword combat and favors bow and arrows at long range, but won’t tolerate dishonest and Alb-like actions.

Companion Falk

Falk is a Cleric traveling alone. He has a passion for science and is on a quest to find out more about Alb technology to find a way to defeat them. He promises Jax his help with “technical questions” in exchange for teaming up to search for electronic components Falk needs. The Cleric lets out fairly deep comments on the people of Magalan and their nature.

The Cleric is found at the top of the Edan Converter, a difficult place to reach for a low-level character. However, if you avoid Alb combat mechs, you will gain a capable fighter wielding a two-handed Cleric hammer and a laser rifle. Sometimes he is armed with a flamethrower. Jax can learn some interesting things about Falk’s personality by completing his missions.

Companion Arx

Arx knew Jax when they served the Hybrid together. He is an exile driven out by his own people for conducting dubious research. A separatist, though not by his own choice, Arx is a strong asset for your team, even though he is still full of the Alb vision.

He’ll recognize Jax and is ready to join after a short conversation. Arx closely resembles Falk in combat, beating enemies into submission with his Alb warhammer. Just like Falk, he may get a flamethrower instead of a gun. Arx is eager to see some Albs pursuing him killed, and Jax may lend him a hand in that matter.

Companion Caja

Caja was fed Mana from a young age, which saw her develop extraordinary abilities. She is sensitive and prone to contemplating. The young woman can feel the presence of Elex in specific places on the planet and tries to communicate with it. Interestingly enough, Caja always travels bare-footed.

She’ll agree to follow Jax after you agree to help her, which opens a quest line to learn more about the origins of the Elex mineral. Caja is a very powerful companion, dealing good damage with fireballs and fighting enemies with her poisoned sword at close range. She is a kind-hearted person and won’t tolerate aggressive or purely logical, machine-like decisions.

Companion Ray

You can meet Ray as early in the game as the prologue scene. He’s the one who takes Jax’ equipment and runs off with it. Finding him brings nothing: everything is sold by the time. The very model of a good businessman, Ray promises Jax a fair compensation if he agrees to help him. Even though he may look like a coward, Ray is capable of selfless action, even though it’s not usually his style.

He is willing to take you to the Fort, the Outlaw base. Jax can make him a part of the team, after which Ray will ask to help find out more about bounties posted on him, and help deal with the headhunters. He is armed with a sword and an Outlaw gun (sometimes he may get a grenade launcher).

Companion Nasty

Nasty is the sister of the Duke of Tavar. Though pointedly rude and hard as nails, Nasty is softer than she may appear. Still, communicating with her can be problematic and lots of fun. She won’t beat around the bush and will tell you everything she thinks, often with a good mix of swearing.

Jax won’t get an audience right away; you will have to wait until she takes notice of him and her bodyguards invite Jax to a conversation. To recruit Nasty, you’ll have to show your combat prowess to her by completing a series of quests involving fighting a powerful giant monster, El Colosaro. It’s advised to be at least level 15 to be able to cope with the thing. Nasty will accompany you during the fights. She’s really into that kind of thing, and it’s not so easy to stay in Nasty’s graces: you’ll have to make aggressive decisions when she’s at your side. Otherwise, she won’t stay long. Nasty is armed with a chainsaber.

Companion C.R.O.N.Y. U4

The Alb drone C.R.O.N.Y. U4 can be found at the Pit in Goliet, where the Berserkers dumped him. He accompanied Jax during the intro flight and was heavily damaged. It will take some effort to repair him, but the reward is worth it. The unit will supply you with Natural Elex and make fairly amusing comments.

To get C.R.O.N.Y. U4 as a companion, Jax will have to complete A Half Defective Tin Can quest. How to unlock it: find a defective drone C.R.O.N.Y. U3 in the observatory ruins at the beginning of the game. The quest is troublesome and involves travelling in dangerous places of the world, so it’s most likely that C.R.O.N.Y. will become one of the last companions to join your team.

Besides, the unit will bring you Natural Elex and light dark places with his flashlight. What’s more, C.R.O.N.Y. doesn’t care which dialogue options you choose and will always be your true friend!

Important: to get Natural Elex from the drone, you don’t have to stick with him. Simply don’t forget to check on him at the camp from time to time and collect Elex.