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Blightbound Review – A Cooperative Dungeon Crawler with Depth and Intricacies

Blightbound Review – A Cooperative Dungeon Crawler with Depth and Intricacies

Blightbound Review





  • Varied Hero Roster: Over 20 heroes with unique skills offer a plethora of gameplay options.
  • Teamwork-Centric: Designed to promote cooperative gameplay, enhancing player engagement.
  • Deep Crafting System: The refuge and artisan mechanics add depth to character progression.
  • Engaging Storyline: The narrative is woven deeply into gameplay, elevating player investment.
  • Artistic Graphics: The game's visual style is distinct and immersive.

Blightbound, developed by Ronimo Games and published by Devolver Digital, is a multiplayer fantasy dungeon crawler that combines the allure of cooperative gameplay with an engaging storyline. Released in 2020, the game offers a rich roster of heroes, a versatile crafting system, and a unique aesthetic, among other features. But does it do enough to stand out in a saturated genre? Let’s find out.


At its core, Blightbound adheres to the classic dungeon crawler formula but enhances it with unique touches. The game kicks off with a harrowing narrative, emphasizing the heavy responsibility placed upon three main heroes. They are tasked with venturing into the enigmatic Blight fog that has swallowed their homeland.

The game offers over 20 distinct heroes, each endowed with exclusive skills and abilities. These characters can be upgraded through various objects and artifacts you find while exploring dungeons. You also have the option to set up a refuge, which serves as your base of operations in the mountains. Here, you can employ artisans to craft new items and train your heroes, adding another layer of depth to the game.

One of Blightbound’s strongest suits is its emphasis on teamwork. Players can form a party of three, either through local or online multiplayer. You have a choice between three archetypal classes: the warrior, the mage, and the assassin. Each class has a specific role to fulfill— the warrior tanks and protects allies, the mage heals, and the assassin focuses on damage. The better you perform these roles, the faster your abilities charge, making coordination crucial.

Hunting contracts also exist within the game, giving players the option to undertake special quests for extra rewards and bonuses. This adds a continual sense of progression, as there’s always something more to strive for.


Blightbound succeeds in bringing a fresh perspective to the well-trodden paths of the dungeon crawler genre. Its focus on teamwork, character progression, and a multi-layered crafting system creates a highly engaging gaming experience. However, like any game, it isn’t without its drawbacks.