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Atom RPG Review – Navigating the Nuclear Wasteland

Atom RPG Review – Navigating the Nuclear Wasteland

Atom RPG





  • Deep character customization allowing for varied playstyles.
  • Expansive, immersive world rich in lore and secrets.
  • Intricate crafting system enhancing gameplay depth.
  • Engaging storyline complemented by numerous side quests.
  • Intuitive combat system blending strategy with action.

‘Atom RPG’ immerses players in a chilling, alternative vision of the twentieth century. Bathed in the eerie afterglow of nuclear fallout, this game is not just another post-apocalyptic journey but a profound exploration of the human spirit amid desolation.

  • Developer: AtomTeam
  • Publisher: AtomTeam
  • Release Date: December 19, 2018
  • Platforms: Windows PC, macOS, Linux, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One
  • Official Website: Atom RPG Official Site
  • Genre: Post-apocalyptic Role-Playing Game


The world of ‘Atom RPG’ is deep, rich, and unforgiving. Every choice made shapes the player’s path, and the ripple effects of these choices permeate through every facet of gameplay, from interactions to combat outcomes.

Beginning with a unique character creation process where players choose an agent profile from a classified folder, ‘Atom RPG’ places a heavy emphasis on character development. With seven core attributes and a plethora of other skills, players can craft a truly unique protagonist. This depth extends into gameplay, where skills influence dialogue options, alliances, and even quest outcomes.

Merging turn-based strategy with survival elements, combat in ‘Atom RPG’ demands strategy and foresight. The grid-based system is intuitive, allowing players to quickly adapt to varying combat situations. Exploration is equally rewarding, as the expansive wasteland is teeming with secrets, allies, and dangers.

Survival hinges on making the most of the sparse resources found in the wasteland. From crafting weapons to brewing concoctions, the game’s in-depth crafting system adds another layer of depth. Skills such as Tinkering and Barter play pivotal roles, affecting crafting possibilities and trading dynamics.

The narrative, centered on unraveling the mystery of the missing General Morozov, is engaging and filled with twists. However, it’s the side quests and incidental stories that add depth to the game’s world, making it feel alive and dynamic.

Graphics and Aesthetic

The game boasts a beautifully crafted isometric perspective reminiscent of classic RPGs. From the dilapidated structures to the eerily desolate landscapes, every visual element of ‘Atom RPG’ evokes the haunting aura of a post-nuclear world. The character designs, animations, and even the minutest environmental details are presented with precision.


Atom RPG’ successfully captures the essence of classic RPGs while delivering a fresh and engaging post-apocalyptic experience. The game’s depth, both in terms of gameplay mechanics and narrative, sets it apart from its contemporaries. While it might be a challenging journey, it’s one that every RPG enthusiast should embark upon.