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Age of Wushu 2 Review – A Journey into Ancient Chinese Culture

Age of Wushu 2 Review – A Journey into Ancient Chinese Culture

Age of Wushu 2 Review





  • Incredibly detailed and immersive ancient Chinese world.
  • Deep and tactical combat system with numerous fighting styles.
  • Complex PvP System.
  • Medieval Chinese Atmosphere.
  • Faction warfare adds another layer of strategy and player engagement.

“Age of Wushu 2” promises to transport players into an expansive, multi-faceted world inspired by ancient China’s rich history and culture. Developed by Snail Games, the MMORPG aims to elevate the genre with its authentic setting, customizable characters, and innovative mechanics, including both PvE and PvP features.

  • Developer: Snail Games
  • Publisher: Snail Games
  • Release Date: TBA (Upcoming)
  • Platforms: PC, potentially more platforms to be announced
  • Genre: Martial Arts MMORPG


One of the standout features of “Age of Wushu 2” is its open-world sandbox elements. Players can freely traverse various landscapes ranging from quaint villages to bustling cities, all filled with intricate details that bring ancient China to life. The game allows for an unprecedented level of interaction with the environment—players can change landscapes, construct custom buildings, and even establish full-scale settlements. The result is a dynamic in-game economy that’s heavily influenced by player actions.

Faction Warfare

The game offers the option to join one of the five existing in-game factions, each with its distinct characteristics, quest lines, and benefits. These factions are at war with each other, vying for control over resources and territories. By aligning with a faction, players can partake in organized raids, complete unique quests, and receive special bonuses such as in-game currency and valuable items.

Deep Combat System

The combat in “Age of Wushu 2” is intricate, focusing on tactical skill and the player’s ability to learn and adapt. Players can master a variety of Kung-Fu techniques to form a unique fighting style. Unlike typical MMORPGs, the game doesn’t utilize a health bar. Instead, the characters’ appearance changes to indicate their health condition, adding a layer of realism to the combat scenarios.

The Questing Dynamic

A highly dynamic quest system keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging. Random events triggered by faction wars, coupled with a changing world, means new questlines appear weekly. The game also incorporates dynamic weather conditions, adding another layer of complexity and immersion to this already deeply engaging world.